Old Folks

I’m happy to know I’m not the only excessive sweater out there 🙂 So, I live in a fairly established neighborhood. And by “established” I really mean that a lot of older—grandparent-aged folks—live in this area. That’s all fine and dandy, but older people tend to say whatever is on their mind and have no qualms about it. 

For example: A couple weeks ago I had a garage sale with some friends at my house. A neighbor I’ve never met walked over and this was the conversation we had:

“Hi, I’m Blah Blah from two houses down.” 
“Hi, Blah Blah, I’m Jessica.” 
“I have the name of a guy who will mow your grass, because it sure looks like it needs it.” 
“Oh, um, thanks. Yeah, the grass sure grows fast here.”
I found it hilarious that the first thing she wanted to talk about was the appearance of our front yard—and it’s not like it was a forrest or anything! This neighborhood takes their lawns seriously. On any given day people will be out mowing, trimming, and landscaping their yard. So when our grass started growing a tad bit too high, I’m sure we were the talk of the Neighborhood Watch. (Our grass is prefectly trimmed now, thanks to some high school dude who came over last week. I don’t want to upset the neighbors.)
Another thing I’ve noticed here is that everyone wants to stop and chat. This morning, for example, I was out doing my C25k Week 3 Day 3 workout with Bella around my neighborhood.  Well, every time we came across someone on the street, they had to stop and chat, and TWICE the conversation went like this:
“Aww, what a cute dog. It looks like she’s taking you for a walk, though, instead of you walking her.”
“Ha. Heh. Yeah. She’s a puppy and likes to run, and it’s kinda hard to run up these giant hills,”  I replied practically panting while wiping the sweat away from my face.
Wow. Thanks for pointing out how out of shape I am and that my 40-pound puppy is much stronger than me. Also, thanks for stopping me in the middle of my timed workout so we could stop and chat. If earphones are in my ears, it probably means I’m not in a mood to chat about the weather (it’s hot and humid), or my puppy (she just wants to go run, too!). I thought it was a known fact that if earphones are in that means someone doesn’t want to be bothered. If I’m just out for a leisurely walk—like I typically am in the afternoon—by all means, let’s stop and chat!
Sheeesh! I really do love my neighborhood and I know my neighbors mean well and may come in handy in the future, but sometimes I wish they’d just mind their own business!


  1. Haha! It's so true. Although we've never received any comments about our yard (and that's really because husband-dear LOVES yardwork), people here sure love to talk to you while you're working out. I'll be in the middle of an interval, sunglasses on, earphones in, and sweaty and red-faced, and people still want to stop and say hi. Insane!ds

  2. I agree that some neighbors need to mind their own business. We live on post so the army does our mowing thank goodness or I know we would be the talk of the neighborhood haha.

  3. ha! this is funny =)

    My neighborhood is just the opposite…barely anyone will wave much less speak….wish there was a happy medium =)

  4. Aww super cute dog!! Gotta love nosy neighbors haha! When I lived in Florida we had a guy who would walk around the neighborhood to see whose grass needed to be mowed, and then if it did, he would knock on the door and tell them. It was so annoying! Don't these people have better things to do??

  5. Haha, so funny! Our neighborhood sounds a lot like yours. There are a bunch of retirees. One of the little old ladies across the street came over yesterday to introduce herself and told me to come see her sometime! She was so adorable going on a walk in her sweatshirt, sweatpants, and keds in the 100 degree heat!

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