Something Blue

My wedding gown was simple. There wasn’t any lace, beading, or bling, but the silk taffeta had a slight shimmer to it when I swayed in the light. Once alterations were made and the bow was put in place I noticed it needed a little something extra to complete the whole look. And that’s where my Nana comes in.

My Nana (paternal grandma) passed away several years ago, but I remember she used to be one of those women who wore brooches. I made a call to one of my aunts to see if she had any of my Nana’s brooches and low and behold, she presented me with two of them. They were both gorgeous, but one stood out above the other and on my wedding day it served as my “something blue”:

My mom pinning on the brooch

above two photos by Kim Jackson Photogrphy
Photo by Lindsay Gray Photography

I loved having my Nana part of my special day!

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  1. I love how you were able to incoporate so many special people into your wedding dress! That truly makes it special, and one of a kind!

  2. your gown was beautiful and the brooch was the perfect added touch!
    I also had a vintage brooch, but I couldn't find a place where it "fit" on my dress so I skipped out.

  3. Oh yea! I did something similar! I had a brooch (sorta like that one) that was also a blue brooch. It belonged to Mr Fix It's mother who passed away in her late 40's. He had asked me if I wanted any of her jewelery about a year before our wedding and when I saw it, I grabbed it and told him I was going to use it as my something blue. Since I don't have my pro pics back yet, I won't share until a future recap the pics and where I used it. But I LOVE yours! You looked gorgeous. I have lots to catch up on from your big day 🙂

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