Something Borrowed

Photo by Kim Jackson Photography

That may just look like a regular hankie, but it’s anything but. Long ago, close to 24 years ago, it belonged to my brother and was the bonnet he wore for his baptism.

When my brother got married last July, my mom rummaged through her things, pulled out the bonnet, wrapped it up, and gave it to his fiance, Amanda. My aunt had given my mom the bonnet for his baptism and along with it came this poem:

“I’m just a little hankie, as square as can be
But with a small stitch or two, a bonnet I will be. 
I’ll be worn from the hospital, or on my christening day, 
and after that be folded then carefully put away. 
When on that future wedding day, so we’ve always been told, t
he well dressed bride must always wear something that is old. 
So what could be more fitting then to find little me, 
and with a few fine stitches snipped a wedding hankie be. 
And if perchance it’s a boy, someday he’ll surely wed 
then his bride can have the hankie
once worn upon his head.”

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? It makes me tear up every time I read it. I was so happy and honored to carry it on my wedding day.

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  1. My aunt gave me a bonnet for my daughter when she was born that also has some blue in it. It has a very similar poem and is to be used as a hankie by my daughter on her wedding day as something old or something blue. 🙂 Such a sweet poem.

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