Sooner Rather Than Later

After a whirlwind weekend—I flew into Denver for my cousin’s college graduation and then drove into New Mexico with my family—I’m finally settled at home for the next few weeks. But a few things happened along the way that put a damper on the whole situation. I’ll bullet-point them for you (okay, really it’s for me so I don’t have to write as much). 

  • *My “personal item” on the plane was my laptop bag, and inside my bag was my camera. When I got off the plane, I went to get my camera and low and behold, it was soaking wet. Here’s the weird thing, though. There was a water bottle in the bag, but I pulled the water bottle straight out—it wasn’t on it’s side or anything—and the lid was still closed with water still inside. I don’t know how my bag got wet, but it doesn’t matter. My three-month-old camera that Kenny gave to me as a wedding gift is completely broken.  
  • *On Friday—my travel day—I had a raging migraine the entire day. And of course, it was the kind of headache that made me nauseas all day. 
  • *On Saturday, my lower back started aching. I wrote the dull pain off to PMS and went on with my day. I woke up on Sunday—the day we drove from Denver to Albuquerque—with the same cramping, but went out and did my W4D1 C25k workout anyway. But during breakfast that dull pain increased to sharp, intense pains and started shooting down the back of my legs. My mom thinks it’s Sciatica, and i have to say that my symptoms match up perfectly.  I’m in a lot of pain and I’ve been focusing on spending time laying down with a heating pad and iburprofen. 
  • *With that said, I’m looking into seeing a doctor or going to Urgent Care today. I knew I’d have to figure out Tricare sooner or later, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. Hopefully everything will be okay and I’ll get better soon, because I have a lot of plans while I’m in NM and hanging out on my couch isn’t one of them…


  1. Just make sure you call and not only get a list of the tricare apporved urgent cares, but also tell them "ok, I am going to XXXX one right now…" When we were back there visiting, I was told that Lovelace on Gibson was one I could go to (I had a really bad earache). I went, things went well, and then about 2 months later I got a bill. They paid for everything but the actual doctor visit (literally-hospital supplies, prescirption, strep culture) but not the doctor (that was $152.00!). They claimed that I never alerted them that I was actually going, just called in to get the locations…. frustrating!

  2. OMG I was going though "Jessica's Blog Withdawls" but now I see why you haven't had a moment to blog :o( I am so sorry your AMAZING trip home is off to a rough start … But just think, it can only get better from here :o) Hope things start looking up and you are able to start enjoying your time home!!

  3. If you are in Albequerque, stop at the base hospital/clinic and see if they have an acute care clinic. You will be able to be seen there, and not have to worry about Tricare covering it since it's an MTF. Good luck!

    I'm in the Springs! My husband is stationed at USAFA and had a 4 day weekend this weekend since he took leave on Thurs. and Fri.! I'm hoping to convince him that we need to take a family trip to AZ or NM this summer, just in case we end up moving next summer!

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