Five for Friday

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1. For the past four years we’ve always ended every conversation—whether it’s via text, phone call, IM, or letter—with “I love you.” And it always makes me feel more connected to you.

2. I’m looking forward to a Supersized Wendy’s date night :0)

3. You were incredibly patient and understanding when I told you about the sad drowning of the camera.

4. Even thought I couldn’t see or hear you, I could tell your heart was breaking a little when I told you about my Urgent Care visit for my back. I knew you wanted to be here with me more than anything.

5. You call me by my maiden name and it always makes me smile.

p.s. I love you

Writing your own FfF is a great way—despite how terrible of a week you’ve had—to find at least five things you still love about your husband, boyfriend, fiance, or significant other! If you have your own FfF, link back to it here! 


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