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1. I think I’m bringing you a collard shirt when I pick you up, because you are drop dead gorgeous when you dress up.

2. Watching “Serendipity” without you next to me is incredibly, ridiculously lame. Just sayin’.

3. The look on your face when we first saw each other via the webcam was priceless.

4. I’m looking into tofu bacon for you :p

5. Watching Steven Colbert talk about how “bad ass” your crew is out there made me so gosh darn proud of you 🙂

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Writing your own FfF is a great way—despite how terrible of a week you’ve had—to find at least five things you still love about your husband, boyfriend, fiance, or significant other! If you have your own FfF, link back to it here! 


  1. I didn't realize that's the plane your hubby flew … RLA flies AWACS … not that that is a relevant part of my life at all anymore but still made me think about him! Glad your husband will get home soon!

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