Freezer Finds

I’m so excited about my latest finds that it’s worth a double post today!

First I’m going to talk about ice cream, because it’s been unbelievably hot over here in Middle Georgia and there’s nothing better than having some ice cream at the end of the day.

My favorite ice cream is from Cold Stone. I always get coffee ice cream, have them mix-in some apple pie filling, and then either have them mix in pieces of waffle cone or I’ll get it in a waffle cone. The result tastes just like Apple Pie a la-mode with a mug of coffee on the side. I’ve been getting my ice cream that way since I first discovered Cold Stone and wondered why I’ve never seen Apple Pie ice cream in the store. I mean, what’s more American than apple pie with ice cream on the side?

Every single time I walk past the ice cream section in the freezer aisle I look for apple pie ice cream and I always come up empty handed. Until a few days ago when I found it and got so excited I nearly peed my pants right there in the freezer aisle.

Not only is the Edy’s Applie Pie (3 weight watcher points) ice cream  delicious, but it comes in a single-serving-sized cup!

I know a lot of women out there would probably hate having such a small serving of ice cream, but I LOVE it, because I won’t gorge myself on it and feel sick later. These are on sale at my Kroger, so I need to go get more…absolutely delicious.

I know it’s hard to see, but there’s a chunk of apple and crust in that bite, which led to a mouthwatering party in my mouth moments after I took this picture.

My next step is to try making my own homemade apple pie ice cream with the ice cream maker we got for our wedding.

The other ice cream that needs to be mentioned is Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cups. (2-3 WW points) Holy cow is this stuff good! It comes in five flavors and so far they’ve all been great!

I typically don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but when I need a little something sweet, these hit the spot perfectly!

The other freezer item I’m in love with is pizza. I bought this on a whim one day—okay, I went to the store hungry and realllly wanted pizza.

I was a little upset when I opened to the box and found that there were two tiny slivers of pizza in there, but once I tasted my slice I didn’t even care. As far as frozen pizza under 500 calories go, this is a keeper. I haven’t tried the cheese and tomato above, but I did try the pepperoni and LOVED it. The sauce is tangy and tastes just like deliver (it’s true!), and the crust was crisp, chewy, and perfectly seasoned. I believe one portion (slice) came out to 5 WW points, so if you pair this with a salad or other veggies you should be good to go. It filled me up, too.

So there you have it – some fantastic freezer finds that I had to share with you all!


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