If posts have been sporadic lately it’s because I split up this deployment by coming home to stay with my parents in New Mexico. But today, I’m flying back to my other home in Georgia.

I took pictures of a few things while I was out here, but I’ll just show a couple and then give a full explanation when I have time back in Georgia, because God knows I’m going to be cooped up in my house—there is no way I’ll be outside when it “feels” like 104 degrees all thanks to the humidity. You may be seeing A LOT more of me while I stay in my nice, refrigerated-air home.

A few of the highlights:
I got to pet a kangaroo! I never thought I’d ever pet a kangaroo. Wow! Story to come soon!

I hung out in the country with family

And I celebrated my parents’ 30th Anniversary and Father’s Day a week early (more on this will definitely come this week!) and my brother and I made our parents cry over the gift we gave them!

See you on the flip-side, Albuquerque.


  1. Yup, it's pretty miserable here right now. I try not to leave the house if I can help it. Just running errands wears me out!

  2. We're heading cross country, from here [CA] to El Paso, Dallas, Birmingham and then Mt Pleasant to Norfolk, VA… and I got to thinking- I only have ONE PAIR OF SHORTS! I'm in sweat pants right now! I have to shave our little pomeranian so she's not too hot… I've only been gone for 2 months, but I forgot all about the heat and humidity back east!

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