Head Case

I know I promised a couple blogs about anniversary presents and petting kangaroos, but the pounding my head for the past 30 hours has prevented me from being able to think coherent thoughts. They’re on their way, they’ll just be delayed a bit.

Do you have any go-to tricks or tips for curing a PMS-related headache? Midol and Excedrin Migraine tend to leave my body feeling way too jittery to function, and wine (my typical headache pain reliever) just made my stomach queasy last night. Blech. On top of that, the pain is inching down the right side of my head, just behind my eye, to my neck and shoulders. Maybe it’s the way I’m sleeping and not PMS?

While I’d love to do nothing better than close my eyes and take a nap, I have things I’d like to accomplish today.


  1. I take a combination of Tylenol and Motrin and drink a ton of water! Massaging the side of my head that's aching helps some too – it sounds like you might be getting into a tension headache now, any chance it's time to splurge on a pro massage? Hope you feel better!

  2. Try to find a massage therapy place. It's worked wonders for me! And if the meds don't work…Coke usually does. 🙂 Also, I recommend Aleve over every other pain med for PMS. Most other "PMS" OTC meds just aren't strong enough for me.

  3. I'm sorry I'm not much help on this one.. I usually go for Advil and if that doesn't work, I go for the Excedrin, which you said isn't working for you. Hope you feel better!

  4. i have the same reactions to exedrin migraine (although I usually get queasy from it too)
    I generally take it, put a cold cloth (wet it and put it in the freezer for a few minutes) and then beg hubby to rub my shoulders (which he does only some of the time)
    I know your hubby isn't available, but I've found the only way to get over a migraine is to get through it.
    (the meds only work for me if I take them at the slightest twinge)
    and believe me, I hate it. I get them 1-2 a week. (for 48 hours)

  5. A muscle relaxer with whatever pain reliever you like would most likely do it. Do you have any valium still? You might just have to not do anything and fluids and sleep if you can… Sorry I know how miserable those headaches are.

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