One or Two?

Remember a few days ago when I said I hurt my back? Well I’m happy to say that I’m doing MUCH better. It only took a trip to the Urgent Care, two shots where the sun don’t shine, an almost fainting episode, muscle relaxers, and an amazing physical therapist. Now I’m doing my best to guard every move I make and to strengthen my back so I don’t hurt it again. The pain I felt was awful and it literally brought me to tears and drove me to the ground.

This weekend I was on a mission to find a carry on that wouldn’t hurt my back while traveling. I usually stuff my magazines, books, keys, wallet, phone, and laptop—and the kitchen sink if it would fit—into a bag that I sling over my shoulder and carry on the plane as my “personal item.” Well, that’s not going to cut it for my next trip, so I went to Ross and TJ Maxx this weekend to look for something more travel friendly….and cheap.

Here’s what I found:

On the left is a miniature version of a regular-sized carry on. It’s by The Sharper Image, but the only decent description I can find for it is here.

The Pros:

  • I’d be able to put some (like for one day—two at max) clothes and essentials in this little luggage for an over night trip.
  • There is A LOT of space and I could pack books and magazines and anything I wanted and not have to worry about my back.
  • It’s cheaper than the other one

The Con:

  • I can only use this if I check in my bigger luggage, since this is too big—I think—to fit under the seat in front of me.

This is a crappy picture of the one on the right. It’s a Samsonite “Ladies Double Gusset” Whealed Portfolio.

The Pros: 

  • It’s small enough that I could still take a regular-sized carry on with me (not for this trip) and slide this little sucker under the seat in front of me.
  • I can still put books and magazines in it. 
  • May get more use out of it since I can take it whether I check-in or not

The Cons:

  • It’s more expensive
  • It’s smaller


    If you’ve read this far then I applaud you! I’m also going to make this an interactive post. Based on what I said above, please let me know in the comments which you bag you would pick and why! Gracias!


    1. I like the second one! Especially because I love being able to take a carry on AND a personal item for under the seat. I think it will be more useful for you!

    2. I vote for the second one too. The first one looks pretty big, and I've had some recent experiences where airlines have become really snotty about allowing wheeled carry-ons like this one on the plane (esp overseas flights). So I say go for the second one, it might be more expensive, but if you get more use out of it, it's worth it.

    3. I'm going to be different and say the 1st one. I have something similar to #2 I use as a work bag/personal item for business travel and I've grown to HATE it. The wheels & front "feet" cause it to not fit under the seat easily and it's too tall to stand up vertically so it has to lay flat (and it kinda looks like that might be close to the same size width-wise. Since I can't pack a day's worth of clothing in it, I ALWAYS have to have 2 bags. Part of my complaint is it's weight for those times I want to put it in the overhead. So, if #2 is lighter than #1 to start with and you think you'll prefer having 2 bags then I retract everything above and say #2 😉

      AND…I'm glad to hear your back is feeling better!

    4. Number one definitely! Because, even though I haven't been a big fan of the rolling briefcase thing, it sounds perfect for what you need and you will be able to use it for other small weekend trips.

      I don't like the second one because you still have to carry it. Even though you might not be throwing it over your shoulder, it will still get heavy (especially with books in it) and not being able to through it over your shoulder will get annoying.

      Glad your back is feeling better.

    5. I think I'd go with the smaller one because of the checked bag fees. If you're going to be flying a lot then in the long run it would be ok to pay a little more for the smaller bag then keep checking your bigger bag each time.

    6. My Mouth waters!!!

      Your daughter is gorgeous!!! Hello There,

      Nice meeting military spouses/girlfriends on here. I listed you in my military blogger/resources on my blog. My husband just joined the army and he is currently in Basic Training/Officer Candidate School….I am trying to adjust but this separation is hard. I look forward to reading your blog!

      Also, I just started a feature Military Spouse Spotlight on my blog, check it out and let me know if you are interested!

      Now following your blog! You can also follow me at Musings Of An Army Wife

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