Stars and Stripes

“I thank God for my life,

and for the stars and stripes—may freedom forever fly, let it ring.

 Salute the ones who died, 

and the ones who gave their lives 

so we don’t have to sacrifice

 all the things we love…” Zac Brown Band (Chicken Fried)

We flew this flag yesterday in honor of Memorial Day, but in 2008, it flew on my husband’s plane during his first deployment. He and his crew flew it proudly over Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom). 


  1. I love those pictures and that song! I bought a big red-white-and-blue ribbon to hang on my door… mine lacks the cool story though 🙂 I'd be very proud of that particular flag too.

  2. Love the photos! Such creativity to capture our freedom with the flag. And your story…brought tears to my eyes. Thank your husband for me.

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