Yesterday I posted about the power of magazines, so today I’m taking a page out of one of my magazines—quite literally—and sharing it with you.

This is from the latest issue of Real Simple and not only is it funny, but there’s some pretty good advice nestled between the lines. I read it, promptly tore out the page and asked my husband to read it. Not only did he like it, but we even talked about a few of the things mentioned.

I’ve scanned it in for you (below), but if you’d rather read it online, here’s the link.

10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorceproof
Click image to make it larger (so you can read it!).
Do you have any tried and true advice to share with a newlywed? Or maybe you’re just as new to this life as we are and you’ve received some great advice you’d like to pass along?
During my bridal shower my bridesmaids cut hearts out of construction paper and asked the women to write down advice for the bride. This was one of my favorite words of wisdom:
“Never yell at each other, except if your house is on fire.”


  1. Daniel and I have been married for 9 years now. There are two pieces of advice – even though 9 years isn't *really* that long, we have learned some stuff along the way –

    1) work out together.

    Not only will you be spending time with each other, you'll be reaching goals and having fun.

    2) never belittle each other.

    when you are fighting or even just talking, always keep your eyes on the best of who the other person is.

    Marriage is tough, even when it's easy. Daniel and I have hit rough patches and we've had easy times. Three pregnancies/babies, recruiting duty, multiple moves, deployments, normal life… it's a lot. But, not only do I love my husband, I genuinely *like* him too. And I'll tell you what, sometimes the true liking of the other person goes the farthest in a relationship.

  2. I just read this article a couple of nights ago. I was just flipping through the magazine before bed and got totally caught up in this. It had some real life good stuff in it. It's nice to know that you read it and felt the same about it. Definitely a good article for newlyweds and then some. I'll hopefully have advice to give soon, but alas I'm still learning. Thanks Jess. Don't play up little fights to be life ending- breathe and let it go.

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