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Next week—Monday to be exact—one of my best friends is flying out here to hang out with me and see our new diggs before she starts her new job back in New Mexico. I LOVE having visitors and I’m really excited to show her around the area.

She’s flying in to Panama City, because it’s a hellova lot cheaper than flying to Atlanta, and then we’re road trippin’ it back to my town. But here’s where I need your help. We want to do this trip on the cheap—like very, very cheap.

We’re planning on staying in or around Panama City Beach (or nearby PCB), Jacksonville, and Savannah. I’m all for staying on bases, too, but there isn’t a base in Jacksonville, and I think I’d rather splurge and stay at a cheaper hotel in Savannah’s Historical District since it’s her first time visiting there. I’ve also never stayed at base lodging without my husband—they allow dependents to stay there, right?

I’d also love suggestions for things to do in those cities (mostly Panama City area and Jacksonville). So how about it, do you have any tips you can send our way?!


  1. What a fun trip!! Ryan and some guys in his class just went to Panama City and from the sounds of it, the media has every terrified of visiting so you should find accommodations dirt cheap! Dothan, AL isn't too terribly far but I wouldn't recommend venturing that direction for anywhere to stay, just enjoy the area near the beach! I just got an amazing deal today actually from Travelzoo for $79 for a condo normally priced $209!

  2. We just returned from a vacation to PCB (Panama City Beach) You will not have a hard time finding a cheap place to stay. As far as things to do there are lots of options…I recommend Peir Park for shopping and dining.
    I have also been to Savannah several times and it is beautiful! You will be glad you stayed in the historical area if thats what you decide. Bring your walking shoes though =)

    Enjoy your road trip!!!

  3. I don't have any suggestions for the area as I've never been there. But I hope you and your friend have a great time and stay safe!

  4. I'll also chime in about Naval Station Mayport — it's beachside! And there's also Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

    I'm gonna email you cause I have other stuff to say that doesn't work well with my whole "no one knows where I live online" thing. 🙂

    For Savannah I agree that you should try to get lodging at Hunter. Then you can just head downtown to see the sights. Also, if you like lighthouses, check out Tybee Island which is east of the city. I got married there. 🙂

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