Being Domestic With Kids

A friend of mine asked to babysit her three-year-old daughter and her little sister yesterday for an hour. Instead of replying with an intimidate, “yes, of course!” I hesitated. Why couldn’t I jump at the chance to help out a friend, a friend who stayed up half the night to take pictures of my man coming home?

Well for many of you, babysitting is a piece of cake, but when I get around kids I become frazzled. Yes, I want children and love kids, but I haven’t babysat since I was in middle school and even now I feel like I’m too young to be in charge of a little person’s life. 

Plus, they have SO much energy and I kinda like to nap often throughout the day. See? I told you it’s not a piece of cake for me…unlike my husband who gets along with children like a good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Usually if we are asked to watch kids I take him with me, but he’s on a business trip this week, so it was all up to me. I immidiately called him to see what to do with the girls for the hour I had to watch them. He suggested I make cupcakes. I told him that required too much “stuff,” so I suggested rice krispie treats. 

And then I came up with a product of both our ideas: Rice Krispie Cup Cakes.

While I melted the butter and marshmallows—aka the “grown up” part—I had Ainsley put the cupcake liners in a pan.

When my part was complete it was time to mix everything all together. I had Gracie start mixing while I poured the Rice Krispies in a measuring cup and let Ainsley pour them in the bowl. 

And then came the sticky, gooey part: putting them in the cups. I’m not going to lie, it got a little stressful at this point. All Ainsley wanted to do was put sprinkles on, but she couldn’t do that till I filled them all! 

I brought frosting—to make them more “cupcake” like, but she only wanted to sprinkle. Finally it was time for her to sprinkle.

I had her be very “gentle” with the sprinkles and almost whispered to her so she knew I was serious…I didn’t want her mom to come home with a bowl of sprinkles on the floor! 

She did a great job! 

After the picture above I sprayed a spoon with butter (how cool is it that you can spray butter? I love it!). I took the spoon and molded the tops of the treats to look like cupcakes! Then I let her pick which one she wanted. 

And she LOVED them. “Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum” is all she would say.

It turns out that my hour of babysitting was a delicious success!


  1. And she loves you for making them with her … It was a nice little treat on her birthday and she keeps asking me for a "muffin" 😉

    You are great with her and I am so thankful that I have you to watch her when I am in need of someone! Thank you so so much again 🙂

  2. What a fun thing to do with kiddos! I might steal this idea for something to do with mine.

    I don't blame you for hesitating. I hate babysitting. Even though I have my own kid, I don't want to watch other people's kids. It's totally selfish of me, I know! But just like you did…I would do it for a friend in need.

    I'm glad you had fun and found out you can do it!

  3. I think it's hysterical that she had on a "I'm only here for the cake" shirt and that's what you did together! Too fun 🙂

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