Friday Fill-In (on Thursday)

Here are my answers to Wife of a Sailor’s questions:

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In
1. What is ONE thing you’d like civilians to understand about being a military family? 
This is a tough one! I’d like them to know that we’re not as tough and as strong as we look. Sure, every experience makes us stronger, but it’s really, stinking hard to do what we do, and half the time I don’t feel “strong” at all. 

I’d also like people to realize that being “deployed” doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to Afghanistan or Iraq. They get deployed to all sorts of different cities and countries and even though there’s this huge hype about A-stan and Iraq, that’s not the only place the military sends them. I would

2. What is your favorite mistake?
Very interesting question! When I was in Paris several years ago I accidentally got off at the wrong Metro stop, but when I got off at my new location I was right smack-dab in the heart of Paris—not the touristy area but where all of the locals gathered. I remember walking around the corner and right there in front of me was the Eiffel Tower peaking behind a row of homes. It was gorgeous and had I gotten off at my regular stop I never would have experienced the local side of Paris.

3.What indulgence could you give up for a year?
I would give up…makeup. Since I’ve been living in a swamp for the past six months I’ve put on less and less makeup, and most days I don’t wear any at all. I could definitely go without it for a year if I had to. There are certain times when it’s nice and fun to get dressed up and put on some lipstick and mascara. Ha ha!

4.If you could be a winged animal, what would you be?
Ha ha! I would be a penguin so I could be just like my husband :p

5.What is one question you’d like to see asked in a future MFF?
What is your favorite thing about being a military spous? 


  1. How awesome that you go to see Paris like that!? Most people who go to Paris would love to see that side of it, but never get the chance. Great mistake 🙂

  2. What an amazing experience to see the local side of Paris. Not many people can say that!! I am going through the whole deployment in Astan or Iraq with family. UGH!

  3. I love your deployment answer! I actually had someone tell me that my husband's deployments don't count, because he's on a sub and not in Iraq or Afghanistan. And I totally agree with you about the GA swamp — I usually swipe on mascara and lip gloss and that's it.

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