Toy Story 3 Meets Reality

While I was on vacation last week with my friend, my husband put up some decor around our place to help our house look more like a home.

The two stuffed animals to the right are from our childhoods (mine on the left and his on the right). He put “Bun Bun and “Kenny” up there and had them holding hands so they could be friends. How cute is that?

This past Saturday I somehow convinced Kenny to go see a movie with me and the movie we decided on was Toy Story 3. Now I’ve only seen my husband cry a handful of times and Saturday night was one of them (even if he denies it). If you haven’t seen it yet, go see Toy Story 3, because chances are you’ll relate to Andy and the toys, especially if you’ve seen Toy Story 1 and 2.

I can’t remember exactly when Bun Bun entered my life, but she’s been all around the world with me—yes, even to college. I couldn’t see giving her up just because I got married and moved out of my childhood house, so I brought her with me into my marriage.

And as for “Kenny” (how creative was my husband with making up names for his stuffed animals?! I kid, I kid), he and my husband became friends just after he was born. Kenny was a very sick child and when the nurses gave him a regular bear in the hospital they found out he was allergic to the fur and the stuffing covering the bear. Luckily they had a hypoallerginic bear on hand to let him cuddle with, which is why “Kenny” has no hair and is a little less cuddly since it’s filled with hypoallerginic filling.

After we saw the movie I envisioned Bun Bun and Kenny talking to each other at night and it made me happy knowing that even though I’ve replaced her at night she’s found someone else to hang out with.

Kenny showed me this cartoon when he got home, so I wanted to share it with you, too:


What about you, did you have a favorite toy or stuffed animal? Have you kept it with you all this time?


  1. I always wanted to have a best stuffed animal friend that I couldn't live or sleep without but I would always end up kicking them off the bed in my sleep. 🙂

  2. Aww lol! Yes I had a favorite pink platyplus and I brought it to my marriage and it's now sitting in my son's toy box!

  3. I have one–Twittle the Turtle–and I still have it! Of course, it no longer winds up and sings because it is basically a relic, but it was my favorite stuffed animal!

    Cute post, friend!

  4. I have a pig that I got for my 1st birthday that I still sleep with. I loved Toy Story 3. I bawled like a baby at the end.

  5. I didnt see Toy Story 3. Its super cute that you two both kept your childhood stuffed animals. I had mine until this past March when it got ruined in the flood. Its amazing what we hold on to for years & years! Cute Comic as well!

  6. I had (well still have) a teddy bear that was given to me when I was still in the hostpital 🙂 is yellow and name was Sunshine and I slept with it EVERY night till I graduated high school. It's at my Mom's house in Ohio and when I go to see her I still go and get it and give it a little hug. 🙂

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