Vintage Keys

A few days ago my husband got a package in the mail. He was being extremely secretive about what it was, which just led me to get more and more excited by the minute. 

He finally pulled out this huge and heavy black box and I immediately know what was inside. 

Do you know what it is? 

I’ll give you a hint…

How about now? Here’s one more clue: 

My husband bought us a 1940’s Royal Aristocrat typewriter! He found a fantastic deal on Ebay for a working typewriter and started bidding. He was the highest bidder, so now we have a working typewriter in our home! 

I’m beyond excited about this and can’t wait to start using it. It needs a new ribbon, but other than that it’s good to go. 

As soon as we opened the case for it we could smell that old musky scent. I can only imagine how many letters this typewriter produced during its years. 

In my mind I like to imagine a young woman once owned this and wrote letters to her husband while he was away at war. But then again, I’m a romantic like that. 

One of my favorite parts of a Qwerty board (did I just let my inner-writer geek show?) is that the “J” (for Jessica) and “K” (for Kenny) are right smack dab next to each other. I’ve always loved seeing them together.



  1. Oooh, how much fun! My grandmother used to have one like that! I spent a lot of time playing with it when I would visit her.

  2. Geez I could have sent you one of my coworkers' typewriters! ; ) Hehe just teasing, the ones they use aren't quite as pretty as this one! Fun purchase, especially for a writer!

  3. I love this! I collect vintage typewriters actually. My favorite one belonged to my Papa. It's avocado green and I designed an entire room around it – it's on display on a cute little table.

    Glad other people get excited over these treasures!

  4. I have so many letters that my great-granddaddy wrote to me on his typewriter. Ah… this post brings many good memories to the surface.

    I know you are going to enjoy your gift. What a thoughtful husband you have!

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