A Day in Decatur

The day after we enjoyed our delicious dinner we set out to explore Atlanta a little bit more. Our first stop was to an Einstein’s Bagels that was a few streets away from our hotel. I know people (out here, especially) rave about how great Panera and Atlanta Bread Company are, but when it comes to bagels, Einstein is my favorite. 

One reason it’s my favorite is because they have—even out here in Georgia!!!—green chile cheese bagels. Unfortunately they only had three available by the time we got to the front of the line, but I took all of them. I can’t wait to go back to Atlanta if only to get more bagels. 

After bagel hunting we went window shopping. Can you believe my husband and I have never stepped foot inside The Container Store? Yup, it’s true. But now we’re hooked—that store is AMAZING. We hopped into Barnes and Noble for a few minutes and then it was off to Costco. We try to make a Costco run every month or so to get necessities and just walk around (can you tell my husband and I just like to walk and window shop a lot?). 

Once we finished with Costco it was time to make our way to Decatur. As we were driving into Atlanta we heard about a Book Festival going on in Decatur, so we thought we’d give it a shot. Oh man was it fun! Mostly, it was just cool to walk around and be surrounded by a lot of people, funky boutiques, non-chain eateries, good music, and lots and lots of books. Which reminds me, maybe next time I’ll actually take pictures of books…hmmph, sorry about that.

Not to mention, authors were doing meet and greets and book signings and it just so happened that one of my favorite new authors (she’s new to me, as I just started reading her books) was there. I got to meet, shake, hands, gawk, have her sign her book, and take a picture with Emily Giffin! I felt like I was meeting a celebrity—a gorgeous, talented, and very down-to-earth writer after my own heart! 

After my author sighting my husband and I lingered around the festival for awhile longer while we waited for dinner time to roll around. We were meeting a friend for some grub, so to pass the time I enjoyed some of the festival’s snacks: 

This guy was selling unique and really yummy Popsicles. I had the Blackberry Mojito flavor that I ate so fast there was no time to snap a picture of it.

And then it was finally time for dinner. We met up at Leon’s Full Service with my friend Mike:

And then, after a long and very full day, we made the treck two hours south back to our lovely home in Middle of Nowhere, Georgia. All in all, it was a great trip! 


  1. four things:

    i love einsteins too!

    we should have a green chile party.

    we need to go on a container store field trip! i was going to order online, but if there's one in ATL, we must go!

    i have heard of King of Pops and am sooo jealous that you got to try them!

  2. What a lovely day!

    I recently read Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed. Yesterday me and Little Butt went to the library and I checked out Something Blue and Baby Proof. Congrats on meeting her!!

  3. I didn't really like Einstein bagels. Maybe they were having an off day. But I LOVE the container store! And I love when they send me coupons 🙂

  4. I love Panera but for bagels, GIVE ME EINSTEIN'S! (Unless I'm home in NJ in which case any local joint will do.) They have salt bagels at some Einstein's which is a Jersey staple that I can't ever find outside of the garden state. I will have to try the green chili one!

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