Five For Friday

I’ve had several people ask me recently about my Five for Fridays. Here’s a snippet from my original post about it: 1.

“Ali, over at His Bridie’s Nest, has a weekly post called Five for Friday and I’ve adored it ever since I started reading her blog. She calls it “Five for Friday” and every Friday she lists five things she loves about her husband. How cute and sweet is that? It’s so cute and sweet that I’m going to do it, too.”
 1. You let me act like a crazy person during your crazy work schedule and then comforted me after and during. 
2. Fun fact: You randomly started doing “fun facts” this week and they made me laugh.
3. You wanted to get a pie cutter for Bella. Also, she becomes the happiest dog in the world when she sees you.
4. We listened to the whole Ray Charles album while lounging on the couch. That was awesome.
5. You’re taking me to Fleming’s Steakhouse tonight in Atlanta to celebrate a belated six-month anniversary. Thank you. 
p.s. I love you


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