Five For Friday

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1. We go on a lunch date every week
2. You are holding me accountable with Weight Watchers
3. You scout for alligators when we drive along the swamp road
4. You lick your plate after dinner most nights, and that is awesome!
5. You try different—and sometimes strange—foods/meals I make and experiment with, like kale chips!

p.s. I love you

Today is the last day to vote!!!
My husband and I are entered in a chance to win a free photo session, but we need your help! Please vote for us at Elle Golden Photography’s Operation Happy Homecoming! 
1. Leave a comment on her post Operation: Happy Homecoming voting for Jessica and Kenny!
2. Leave a comment under our photo on her Facebook page (Elle Golden Photography) (We’re the wedding photo!) 
 (Thank you in advance!)

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