Friday Eve

I hope everyone had fun with the Bake-N-Blog!  I promise I won’t bombard you with BNB stuff again for a very, very, very long time! (Although someone mentioned doing something similar for other things like crock pot recipes, entrees, soups, bread, etc…thoughts?) But like I said earlier, I’m going to pick a winner from those who posted their cupcakes yesterday.

And the winner is…. 

Congratulations Elizabeth at The Young Retiree! You and your Coconut Rum Cupcakes just won yourself a new cupcake book and some other fun goodies! I’ll be sending you an email shortly asking you for your address, so be on the lookout for something from me! 

And because I don’t want to post twice today or tomorrow, here are my answers to Wife of a Sailor’s Friday Fill-in questions:

1. How do you spend your deployment money, do you save, pay off bills or enjoy the extra money while it is there to buy the things you do not normally have?  We do a little of both: we’re saving money for the future, but we also splurge a little before and after on a little getaway for both of us. Although, we’ve only been through one deployment and that’s what we did, so maybe next time will be different.

2. If you could relive one occasion or moment, what would it be? My wedding day! Before I got married everyone told me how fast it would fly by and that I should relish every moment. Well, I did that and the day of my wedding I remember being completely relaxed and took in the entire event in with a very calm and mindful account. But now, six months later I would love to do it all over again. It was so much fun and it was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by everyone you love. Not to mention, I got to wear a fabulous dress, devour delicious food, dance the night away with my friends, and walk away that night with my husband. It was unforgettable, but at the same time I would love to live it over again.

3. What’s the worst job you ever had and if it was so bad why did you take it? I really haven’t had any bad jobs that I can think of. I worked at a pizza place for awhile, but I never hated it. I think work is what you make of it and if it doesn’t make you happy then you should find something that you’ll enjoy. If you’re going to be there as often as you are you should like what you do!

4. If you could play any character on TV, who would you be?  🙂 I would be Sidney Bristo (played by Jennifer Garner) from Alias. Not only is she hot, but she kicks ass, travels the world, and has loyal friends. I love that show! 

5. If you could become the world’s expert in something, what would it be? I would actually like to be an expert on the Bible. There is so much content there that it would just be great to have it all stored in my memory. I’d also like to not just know everything that’s in there, but to be able to understand and apply things from the Bible, too.


  1. I love your title to this post!! And yayyy to the contest winner! So fun! I would definitely participate in another sort of recipe sharing blog hop! I love that idea!!

  2. YAY! How exciting and now I will definitely be practicing and hopefully perfecting the art of the cupcake! I loved the mix of folks that participated and would love to learn more recipes and skills from reading them. I would host another Bake-n-Blog if you didn't want to over at my "cooking" blog.

    Your milspouse fill in answers are great too- mine mirror yours with the moment. Mine was specific snipits of our wedding day…

  3. Being an expert in the Bible would be awesome. I've tried to read through it so many times and for some reason I never do. But when something goes wrong or I need a little assistance, I randomly open to a page, put my finger on a verse and try to apply it to the situation. That seems to work well!!

  4. Yes, please do another Bake-n-blog! I was sooo bummed I couldn't participate because of our move. But now my HHG's are here, my kitchen is set up, and I wanna do it! If anything, it would force me to stretch myself and try something I probably never would. Congrats Elizabeth, and you know I would participate if you were the host too!

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