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Today I’m guest blogging over at A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench, so ya’ll should mosey on over there and check it out! 

Remember a few days ago when I couldn’t think of a single thing to talk about? Luckily, you guys left some pretty great topics for me to cover, so I stored them away for another “rainy” day. 

Natalia (Army of Two) suggested I jot down my thoughts on what I love about Military life. Love is a strong word for an organization that can have me as happy as a clam one minute and feeling like I want to strangle someone the next second. So here are a few things I like about military life in absolutely no particular order. 

1. The job. 
My husband loves his job, is good at it, and actually enjoys what he does, and that makes me respect him and his career choice.

2. Moving.

I like traveling and—at this point in my life—enjoy the opportunity to move around the world. Plus, I’m looking forward to not having to move on my own, but have the military come in and move everything for us.

3. Traveling

My husband goes on TDYs (business trips) and I can often tag along (paying my own way, of course). Sure, he has to work during the day, but as long as I have my laptop with me, I can work wherever I go.
4. Friends
There’s nothing like being thrown into the middle of nowhere and finding people who know exactly what you’re going through. I hope and pray I’ll find friends just as amazing at our next base.
5. The uniforms
Talk about fantastic daily eye candy! They’re hot. Seriously hot, and I love seeing him in uniform (almost) everyday.
6. Military ID
 Carrying my government ID in my wallet gives me a huge sense of pride, and I love being my husband’s “dependent.”
7. Pride
Being married to the military is a humbling experience. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having random people—not to mention friends and family—thank me for what my husband does for a living, and supporting me by recognizing how hard it is being a military wife. My heart swells with pride.
8. Blogging
The military life is hard, but it’s so reassuring to have this online community full of peers who understand what I’m going through. Not to mention, I’m hoping the people I’m “meeting” will help build friendships wherever we move over the years.
9. Shopping
I specifically mean shopping at the commissary (hello, savvy shopping), but I also like how retailers and restaurants recognize the military and offer military discounts.
10. Homecomings
I’m trying to keep this post positive with things I like about military life, so just as long as we all know deployments are horrible, no good, and down right awful, I’ll move right along. Homecomings are an extraordinary event that literally takes my breath away. There’s nothing like being reunited with your love, it’s simply amazing.


  1. Sorry I was so stalkerish last night! All I was saying is that being born into the military life brings many of the same likes except we don't know any different. I've lived in over 8 states and moved over 30 times in my life… it all became so natural.
    Now I'm 24, married and as far from military life as you could imagine so its nice to see others carry on this honor.

  2. Speaking of uniforms, have you seen the multi-cam for Afghanistan? Now, I hate hate HATE that it means our soldiers are going overseas into a war zone again, but am glad they are getting a better uniform. It doesn't hurt that it's pretty sexy, too.

  3. I enjoyed your post over with Mrs. Mootz! I left you a comment over there.

    Isn't a man in uniform…and a MILITARY uniform at that….just delish!

    I also love being able to pull out my dependant ID card. It is awesome!!!

  4. Homecomings are definitely the best! While I wish goodbyes weren't necessary, if they have to be I would say hellos make them worth it.

    Your post was awesome! Thank you so much for guest blogging for me. I hate going to the dentist. I think that's because I've had 3 sets of braces, numerous retainers, and 2 surgeries. I do need to get Lil Mootz to the dentist though. Hopefully he'll have beautifully straight teeth all his life 🙂

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