Monday Musings

Several things happened this weekend that I’m excited to talk about, but since it’s Monday morning and I’m still walking around with my eyes half closed, I’ll give them to you in short little paragraphs!

As of September 11, my husband is now a Captain in the USAF and I am so proud of him is! (I also may have set up a blog for him, but more on that later…)

I had a wicked headache that lasted two days. It finally broke yesterday evening in time for…

Ours don’t really look like this, but they taste fantastic.

Cupcakes! Yesterday we made our cupcakes for the Bake-N-Blog and they’re delicious! It’s taking a lot of self-control to keep my fingers out of the frosting and to not bite into the yummy little cakes.

My husband bought Photoshop Elements for me and it came in late Friday afternoon. I’ve been playing with it ever since, but I could definitely use any tips, tricks, or tutorials. If you know of any great Photoshop sites online, send them my way, please!

And finally… Operation: Happy Homecoming! A few weeks ago I entered a contest for a free photo session by a local Georgia photographer. Elle Golden Photography is giving away a free session to one military couple and all I had to do was write a 500-word essay about why we should be picked. Well, I’m very humbled to announce that we are one of three finalists! But now it’s up to the public to vote for the winner.  

If you have a few minutes, we’d really appreciate your vote. There are two ways to vote (a maximum of two votes counted):

1. Leave a comment on her post Operation: Happy Homecoming voting for Jessica and Kenny!
2. Leave a comment under our photo on her Facebook page (Elle Golden Photography) (We’re the wedding photo!) 
Thanks so much! I hope you have a happy Monday!


  1. Check out Coffee, Tea and Photography. She has tons of free actions and tutorials for PSE, she also has a Flickr group.

    Also, you must buy Scott Kelby's The Photoshop Elements Book for digital Photgraphers. It's what I started out using when I had no idea what I was using and it still teaches me new things.

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