Shouting Out for Help

Dear readers, 

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I need your help. I’m a guest blogger on a lovely blog later this week and I have absolutely nothing to write about. Nothing. Nada. Zip. What makes it even worse is that this post can be about anything. Seriously, I can write about whatever I want, but everything I keep coming up with keeps coming up short.

So I need you assistance. Do you have any topics or ideas I can write about or anything you’re interested in knowing about? I’ll repay you with…um…well, gratitude. Lots and lots of gratitude. 

Please help. 



  1. What about activities to do to keep spouses enjoying one another…you know, the "oh it's raining, there's nothing to do" activity.

  2. or how about being a writer. I'm always curious how people decide on their job path, and with freelancers…how they go about finding jobs to work on and how to decide which jobs to take v/s which to turn away. It's such a different concept from my daily grind 😉

  3. How about a story? I'm always up for a good one. Your proposal story or the first time you met your husband or a recent fight or your last adventure. I wrote about my couch, how lame is that? You'll see tomorrow.

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