Snaps: Photojournalism

Do ya’ll remember when my photo was picked as a finalist in the Pioneer Woman’s challenge and I was beyond ecstatic? Well, just for the heck of it, last week I submitted the same photo over at I Heart Faces’ Photojournalism Photo Challenge. 

I enter things here and there to get feedback so I can become a better photographer. I don’t have a fancy schmancy camera, just the simple (but awesome) point-and-shoot my husband gave me for our wedding. I love taking pictures and always try to have my camera in my purse in case and opportunity arises. 

To me, this picture not only speaks a thousand words, but reveals thousands and thousands of days. It’s an image you can look at and know exactly what’s going on and you can almost feel the emotion, passion, and love in that room. 

With that said, and too my shock and awe, this photo came in second place in I Hear Faces Week 35: Photojournalism Photo Challenge and I am completely humbled. 


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