Together at Last: Fortune Cookie Surprise

Today seems like a good day for another wedding recap, especially because yesterday was our seven-month anniversary! If this post looks familiar it’s because I posted it a few days after I got married, but this is the perfect spot for it in the recaps.

Fortune Cookie Surprise 

The morning of my wedding I woke up next to my best friend. No, Kenny didn’t spend the night, but my maid-of-honor did. We giggled and talked about the future ahead of us while we indulged ourselves in the extremely comfortable king bed in the “bridal suite.”

A few hours after we woke up, my mom showed up to the hotel with my gown and a few other things including my special lunch request. (Did you know that on your wedding day you can ask for the craziest things and people will give in, because you’re actually, finally the Bride?) But before I dove into the food—it was still only around 9 am, after all—I cracked open my fortune cookie.

At this point you may be asking yourself why I had a Chinese fortune cookie the morning of my wedding. Well, that’s because I have a little love affair with Panda Express. You read that right. For some reason their “Panda Bowl” (filled with fried rice and string bean chicken) is my comfort food. When my tummy is nervous, anxious, and/or upset, Panda somehow calms it down. So for my very last lunch as a single lady, on my wedding day, I requested Panda.

My mom suggested I open my fortune cookie since there was a good chance it could get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day once lunch time came around. So I dug around in the bag till I found it, then I opened its package, cracked it open, and we all giggled at its contents:

Seriously, how fantastic is that? With all of the tiny little pieces of paper squished inside millions of fortune cookies all over the world, there’s no way anyone could have even planned for a fortune cookie so perfect. Ihat was possibly the best one I’ve ever—and will ever—receive. And it was a darn good way to start my day!

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  1. Haha, that's awesome! I had lunch at Subway (right after my hair appt so I had the sparkly headpiece in already), and I told the sandwich-maker that it BETTER be good because it was my last meal as a single woman! If only it had a fortune in it…

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