What do you Say?

So how about that, I make a big deal about how I’m going to start keeping it real on here and then I stay mum for several days. I guess once I decided to actually think about what I wanted to write each day, I couldn’t think of anything to say. And that is pretty silly since I always have something that I’m ranting or raving about. Basically, I’m just trying to hard now and that needs to stop.

But really, lately my mind has been blank. Blank as in, I get on here and stare at a white text box with a blinking cursor for several minutes before deciding that my life is pretty boring right now and I can’t think of anything interesting. 

I’m sure my creative juices will start flowing soon and something exciting will happen, but in the meantime I could use your help. Is there anything that you’re curious about that I’ve mentioned before or something you’d like to know more about? A question—any question—I can answer? Let me know, I’m all ears.  


  1. Yup I think its going around like a bad virus….blank stare blog syndrome….I mean I want to post blogs…I'm just coming up with nothing…

    Goals for this weekend::
    A real blog post
    and some R&R LOL…

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