As Seen on Ruffled!

I usually don’t like to post twice in one day, but I’m pretty excited about this and have to share!

A few weeks ago I was checking out some wedding blogs for some inspiration for a new writing gig. I stumbled on Ruffled and noticed that they were hosting a D-I-Y contest. All you had to do was submit a D-I-Y wedding-related item with photos and steps to recreate the craft.

That sounded easy enough, so I entered the Hot Cocoa Cone Favors my mom and I made for our wedding (Fun fact: that link is the number-one read post on my blog! Strange, right! I don’t know where people are finding it.) 

Well, low and behold, my entry is now a finalist on Ruffled!

(I guess the photo I submitted was too small, so they actually redid the project and took a picture of their own! How cool is that? And she said that having their photo won’t actually hinder my chances of winning.

Do you wanna know what the prizes are if I win and why I’m so freaking excited? First place receives $500, second place gets $300 to ModCloth (hello, new outfits!), and third place wins a Silhouette Machine! Cool, right? 

From what I gather, they’re posting 50 of their favorite projects first and then narrowing that number down to just five. The woman who emailed me about it suggested I “spread the word” and have people leave comments under my project in hopes of luring the judges into seeing just how fantastic it is! 

Hopefully this won’t be the last you hear from me about it, because I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be one of the five finalists.


  1. Congrats! I commented. I really do love that idea as I drink hot chocolate year round (even when it's 90 degrees out haha)

  2. I left a comment (it's currently awaiting moderation)

    Although I must say they didn't follow your directions when they did it- they didn't use two bags!!! Their powder is all up in the marshmallows! Boo! (I'm so anal.)

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