Brownie points if you can tell me where the title of this post is from, and I’ll give you extra brownie points if you can find my dress. I’ve been wondering around my house all morning mumbling “blergh” and “frak*,” all because I can’t find my little black dress.  (*We’ll be best friends if you can name that show, too.)

Missing: lightweight, black Urban Outfitters dress. Please return ASAP!  
For more than a year I’ve worn a certain dress every Thursday. It’s been dubbed my Weight Watchers weigh-in dress. Way back when I started WW I weighed out all of my dresses and found the lightest one to wear to my weigh-ins. Hey, don’t judge! I like to keep things consistent.
But now I can’t find it and I weigh-in in a couple hours. I’ve looked everywhere—in the laundry room, my car, behind the cushions, and even where it should be, in my closet. I even looked in drawers I haven’t opened in months, all to no avail. Seriously though, where could it be? And more importantly, what am I going to wear in a few hours? 
After I press “publish” I’m going to start searching again, but I may need to come up with a new outfit. Perhaps this is more like a blessing in disguise, though, seeing as how it’s raining and chilly outside. Maybe I need to find a new weigh-in outfit.  
I know several of you out there reading this are doing WW—or have done it in the past, so you know what I’m talking about. Or at least I’m going to pretend you do. Is there a certain outfit you wear to your weigh-ins?


  1. I wear the same outfit to all my weigh ins! It's either leggins and a shirt dress thing if it's chilly, or a sundress if it's warm. I know exactly what you mean! I sometimes feel like people judge me, because they're both kind of bright and it's ridiculously noticable that I wear the same thing… but oh well.

  2. Have you found it yet? I hope you do! I hate when I lose things but ESPECIALLY clothes. Still have a few missing items of my own right now!

  3. I hope you found it!!! I totally understand. I did WW many years back so I know how you feel. Especially if you have worn it EVERY Thursday for the last year. That habit would be hard to break…

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