This morning I woke up feeling a bit ballsy, so I thought I’d share a couple confessions with the entire world…on Twitter. 

The feedback is already cracking me up, so I thought I’d go one step further and share my deepest, darkest (food) secrets here, with you.  

So what do you dislike? Friends on Twitter have already informed me they don’t like peanut butter and pie. Pie? I didn’t know people didn’t like pie!


  1. I'm not into the pumpkin craze either. Give me a vanilla chai latte over a pumpkin spice latte any day. I also hate cheesecake (I've really tried to like it). And I think mint chocolate is disgusting, why ruin perfectly good chocolate with gross mint?

  2. I don't like mint chocolate, like York Peppermint Patties. YUCK!

    Also, I'm a big texture person. I can eat banana nut bread, but I can't eat a banana. Shrimp, nope. I will eat salmon, talapia, etc, but I won't eat catfish or anything. I like orange juice, but not oranges. I'm weird!

  3. I actually can not stand cheese cake, or any pie but chocolate… I have been called un-american before because of how picky I am.

  4. I like pumpkin spice latte but pumpkin pies and all that – yuck, no thank you! 🙂

    Peanut butter is something that I kinda dislike – I faithfully bake peanut butter cookies for J and his troops when they head out for trainings but no way I would be munching those, or would ever think about having peanut butter on my sandwich.

  5. Cake… it's not that I hate it… I just think it's kind of "eh" – all forms of cake. I've tried tons of flavors, with all kinds of different fillings and it just isn't my thing. I also can't stand the flavor orange… like orange soda, or orange starbursts, but I like orange juice, and oranges, and the only exception to the orange flavor rule is dreamsicles.

  6. I HATE as in, will throw up if I even smell it, pickles. My mother ate them the whole time she was pregnant with me and threw up the whole time, so I have determined that I why I want to get sick everytime I think about them. But yeah, pickles is pretty much it. I can't believe you don't like chocholate…:)

  7. If I never ate pie again in my life, I'd be totally fine. I could count the number of pie slices I've eaten in my life on one hand, probably.

  8. I've got a lot of weird tendencies with food –

    1 – can't stand shrimp. The texture freaks me the heck out. The same goes for most shellfish/crustaceans.
    2 – berries. Again, texture. The little seeds on the outside of strawberries make me crazy…the same goes for raspberries, etc. Not a fan.
    3 – mushrooms. Nope. Not going to happen.

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