Procrastinating with Questions

I have every intention of writting a couple wedding recaps later today, because I’d like to finish them by our first anniversary. Basically, I need to stop procrastinating and just start writing! 

And speaking of being a bona fide procrastinator, I’m taking a break from my “real” job right now and answering questions the lovely Maranda (My Camo Colored Life) just asked me. 

*Don’t forget – today is the last day to sign up for the Postcard Swap. I’ll be drawing names tomorrow! 

1. What is an amazing book that you have read recently? I’m actually still reading it, but I’m captivated by The Five Love Languages. If you’re in a serious relationship, newlyweds, or have been married for several years I HIGHLY recommend this book. I’ve already learned so much about myself and my husband, and I think our marriage will be stronger from reading it. And for those of you wondering, it’s not religious, but it’s extremely powerful. 
2. Seen any good movies lately? If so, what was it? Lame. I haven’t really seen any new movies lately. I want to see Red and the new movie with Katherine Heigle, I just haven’t had time. Heh, thanks to Netflix, I did see The Last Starfighter with my husband…I watched it with the sole purpose of guilt-tripping him into watching one of my movies with me. 
3. What are the last 3 songs you have listened to?
Wow. I’m really slacking on the media questions. I like to work in complete silence—weird, I know—but we were watching Family Guy last night and “The Bird is the Word” was playing on repeat. It was pretty funny.
4. What is the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Oh, this is sad, but after I turn off my annoying alarm I turn on my itouch and check my mail and then check the weather.
5. Do you have a ‘before bed time’ routine? What is it?
We’ve been trying to get into a routine of having some hot tea and reading in bed before we sleep. We’ll do good about keeping the routine for about a week, but something always messes it up.
6. What is your favorite snack?
Chips! Specifically, Baked Kettle Salt and Pepper chips. I’m addicted to them (2 points for 20 chips = love).
7. Do you order the same thing off the menu every time or do you change it up?
I’m usually a creature of habit, but I’ve been trying extremely hard to swich things up. However, if I’m eating New Mexican food I only eat enchiladas with Christmas.
8. What is your favorite hobby?
Blogging. I like that it lets me continue to write, even if it’s not for compensation. And since I work from home, blogging lets me take creative breaks to read other blogs or right my own (which is exactly what I’m doing now). I’m also focusing on learning the art of photography.
And now for the five I’m tagging and their questions (and ladies, don’t feel like you have to answer…I almost didn’t!):
Ashley {Miss Ashley}
1. What’s your favorite holiday?
2. Toilet paper: over or under?
3. Care to share an easy recipe? 
4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
5. Do you have a favorite scent? What is it?


  1. You read 5 Love Languages now, early in the marriage and then about 5 years later re-read it and see if anything changes. Mine did. After having kids and trying to keep a house together some forms of showing love wheren't as important as others. It was interesting to notice the change.

  2. I loved The Five Love Languages! It sure helped me communicate to my husband what I needed and for him to give me what I need. Too bad my love language is Physical and my husband is thousands of miles away 😉

  3. I love love love sea salt & black pepper chips. The first time I told the hunny about them, he thought it was weird. Now, every time we go somewhere and he can get them he does. They aren't baked, but the Target brand ones are AWESOME!

  4. I check my e-mail/facebook on my iPhone as soon as I wake up too so if you're sad – so am I. Honestly, I'm most excited to see what the Groupon is for the day. haha Sad? Yup.

    I will definitely answer the questions later tonight or tomorrow! Exciting! 🙂

  5. Awww. I'm kind of sad you almost didn't answer the questions! Glad you did though! I will have to look into that book for sure! I love sea salt and vinegar chips. Yum!

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