Totally Bitchin’

With the exception of a few shows *cough* How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and the Big Bang Theory *cough*, my husband and I don’t watch that much TV. But there is one station we do watch pretty much as much as possible, which probably explains why I really like to cook now. We watch a lot of the Food Network. 

So last night we were watching Iron Chef when we saw the most unbelievably awesome preview for a show on Food Network’s sister station, the Cooking Channel. 

This show looked so cool that I had to make sure everyone knows about this new show! So here I am, practically begging you to spend less than 5 minutes from your extremely busy day to watch this hilarious clip from a new—and very ingenious—show called Bitchin’ Kitchen.

My husband and I literally laughed out loud several times while we watched this and we can’t wait to watch the real show tomorrow night. (It’s already programmed and ready to record.) I’m a sucker for anything retro, so when you throw in an Italian chick, someone who can cook, and make a hilarious personality, you have the makings of a great production. 


  1. O-M-G!!! (ha)
    I love that cooking show! I'm going to look it up and try to catch it! I also love all of the shows that you mentioned!

  2. This makes me wish we had the cooking channel! Is she for real? She sounds like she can't decide if she's from Chicago, Boston or Philadeplhia with some Italian slang thrown in. I love that she's not suzy homemaker. The goth feel makes it seem like ANYONE, no matter who you are, can cook things! Let us know how it is!

  3. Hilarious. She's like an Italian rocker chef. Move over Giada (can't stand her). I'm really diggin it 🙂 Sadly… we don't get the cooking channel. I'm dying to have it, but it's only on satellite.

  4. I think we should watch TV together. Food Network is my favorite channel (I can't get enough Paula Deen) and HIMYM and Big Bang Theory are my favorite shows. This does look hilarious though!

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