You’ve Got Mail!

There’s something about getting a real piece of snail mail—not a bill or a magazine—that thrills me. Cards and hand-written letters are always fantastic, but whenever I get a postcard from some far off city, the travel junkie in me jumps up and down.

I love knowing that while someone was on vacation they thought about little ol’ me! Not only that, but they thought about me enough to seek out a cute postcard, buy a specific postcard stamp, write a sweet note, and find a mailbox. I’ve been there and done that, and let me tell you: that’s a lot of work for someone who’s on vacation. So when I get a postcard in the mail I truly appreciate it.

This got me thinking…we all live around the world and connect through blogging, so why don’t we send each other a little snail mail? 

Here’s the deal:

1. Go HERE (top right of this blog under “Postcard Swap”) and sign up by Tuesday, October 19. 
2. Keep an eye on your email—you’ll get an email from Elfster with the name of the person you’re sending your postcard to on Wednesday, October 20. (Then you can ask them directly for their address, blog address, etc.
3. Pick a postcard, any postcard, from where you live now. Jot down a nice message, stick a stamp on there and… 
4. Send your postcard by the first week of November.
5. Come back here on Friday, November 5, to link up your postcard posts! 
This will only be as fun as whoever participates, so spread the word!
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EDIT: you can sign up on the other page now. Sorry for the confusion—I didn’t know that I had to manually click “allow” comments on that page. Whoops!


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