A Gift to Myself

I didn’t intend to go shopping on Black Friday. I scoured the ads on Thursday and searched the ‘net for the item I was looking for, but I didn’t see any deals good enough that screamed, “Get up before dawn, stand in line, and buy this.” So on Friday, while people were standing in line for hours, I slept in.

A few hours after I woke up I ran an errand for my husband that took me to our base’s BX. I had to drop off a couple of his uniforms and was told to come back in a half hour to pick them up. With 30 minutes to spare, I wandered around the BX and decided to see if they had any deals on the camera I’ve had my eye on.

Long story short, they had my Nikon d3100 for roughly $100 cheaper than I’ve seen it anywhere else, so it was a fantastic deal. The catch is that it was the very last one they had in stock, so I looked around to make sure another customer wasn’t going to snatch it out of my hands, handed over my credit card and bought myself a present:

Pretty spiffy, right? I’m so eager to get out there and start taking pictures of anything and everything.  I’ve actually been practicing on a semi-secret blog for a couple months, Shutterbug Jess. All of the photos on there right now are from my point and shoot, but I’ll be adding some with my Nikon very soon. (I know, I know…another blog…)

I’m really excited about my latest present, and I can’t wait to share my photos with you! In fact, here’s one of the first pictures from my new Nikon. Everyone say hello to Bella, a puppy who thinks she’s a reindeer! 

(A note: Thank you SO much for all of the advice and opions you had on my camera post. Because of the comments you left, through research, and getting out there to actually pick up different cameras, I was able to get my new toy!)


  1. I've got a couple of links and blogs I follow that are about photography if you're interested I'll share them with you 🙂

  2. Ahhhh so that's why!!! Congrats on your new camera the picture is awesome! I'm so jealous. My goal for the new year is to pay the $3,000 off on my credit card so I can get myself a DSLR in the $500-800 range. 🙂 Have fun with it!

  3. I am soooo excited you finally got your camera! I hopped on over to your photo blog and was impressed at the difference it has made so far!!! of course, i wont hold it against you that you got a nikon…lol.I am excited to see more pics! I have my 4th solo shoot this next week…a senior picture retake (she didn't like her first set from a pro, and after her family shoot i did last week, she wants me to retake hers for her:-) should be fun…but COLD!!! cause we are doing a few outside and it is like 20 degrees here!! ugh! anyway, enjoy!

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