Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons

Savannah is one of my favorite cities, and since we live less than three hours away, my husband and I travel there quite often. That also means that whenever we have company we take them down there. This week my family—mom, dad, and grandma—is visiting Georgia for Thanksgiving, so a drive down to Savannah was definitely in order.

Not only is Savannah absolutely gorgeous, but there is great history around every corner. And the food…oh, the food. It’s so lip-smacking delicious that you almost wish your stomach never got full. Fresh fish, an open container policy where you can drink on the streets of Savannah, and yummy desserts await your taste buds.

When I asked my family if they wanted to visit Savannah  I could practically hear them jump up and down as they shouted, “YES!” over the phone. Then, the second thing they asked was if we could dine at Paula Deen’s famous restaurant, Lady and Sons.

This summer I ate at Lady and Sons with my best friend, but we kind of cheated the system. The “rules” for eating there consist of this: There are no reservations. Instead, you have to stand in a line with other food lovers at 9:30 am and get your name on a list with a time to come back later in the day. But here’s an insider’s tip: If there are just a couple of you, skip the line and head over to the hostess’ station in the afternoon for a late lunch or an early dinner and ask to sit at the bar. Sometimes they have openings at the bar and will let you waltz right on up there. This trick doesn’t work every time, but if it does, you’ll be feasting your teeth on fried and buttered food in no time.

Anyway, back to our trip this weekend. My husband and I showed up around 8:30 am (an hour before they start taking reservations) and were 20th in line. Not too shabby for it being the “off season.” We put our name on the list for 1:30 pm and were told to show up just a tad before then to check in. We had just enough time to take a wonderful trolley tour of Savannah. I highly recommend taking this tour if your a first-timer to the city.

When we came back for our allotted lunch time, they wouldn’t seat us until the whole party was present (my husband and I were parking the car…), but once we were all there we had an incredibly friendly waitress who explained that we could either order off the menu or opt for the buffet.

….Want to read about the rest of our culinary experience at Lady and Sons and see pictures of Paula’s food? Come on over to The Tale of Two Kitchens for the rest of the story, and don’t forget to subscribe/follow the blog while you’re there!


  1. I LOVE Savannah and my husband was stationed at Hunter AAF when we were 1st married.
    Here is another tip- If you call and tell them you are a resident of Savannah, they will let you make a reservation over the phone. Then you can just show up and do not have to stand in the line!

  2. I loved Savannah, but her restaurant didn't really rock my socks…it is a beautiful area though! They had a pizza joint that I fell in love with but I can't remember the name of it!

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