Postcard Swap: Aloha!

Aloha, ya’ll! Last week my husband beat me to the mail and handed me something he said I would like. When he handed over a stack of bills I gave him a long eye roll, but then, at the bottom of the pile was a postcard that had traveled all the way to Georgia from Hawaii! 

Chantal (from A Blog A Day While You’re Away) drew my name and sent me this postcard:

Hawaii is one of the very few states I’ve never been to, and with a serene scene like that, I think I need to make some travel arrangements ASAP. It looks gorgeous and so relaxing!

She also left a short and sweet message:

“Aloha from Hawaii! Sending you plenty of warm weather and happiness from our island state.”

Do you ever have a loss for words when it comes to writing postcards? I either try to cram way too much in the short space or fumble up my sentences. Either way, this was a perfect postcard. Thanks, Chantal!  


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