The Tale of Two Kitchens

I’m here to introduce a new(ish) endeavor I think you may like. My sister-in-law, Amanda, and I recently started a cooking blog! We’ve been talking about starting a site to share our culinary adventures for awhile, so instead of just talking about it, I decided to create it. And so I bring you:

We found this fabulous design for free, but we may opt to pay for a second girl in the future!

It took us several days to come up with the name—you’d be surprised how many blogs with fabulous puns and play-on-words were taken and not being used (boo to them), but we finally came up with “The Tale of Two Kitchens,” for obvious reasons. Actually, it may not be that obvious, so I’ll just tell you. Amanda will be cooking from her cute home in New Mexico and I’ll be sharing things from my kitchen here in Georgia.

I have no idea what recipes Amanda has up her sleeve, but everything I’ve seen so far has looked delicious. She’s also an excellent baker—her passion is making cakes and other desserts, so I’m sure you’ll see some of those tasty creations soon.

Almost everything we post has been taste-tested and approved by our husbands, and is easy enough for anyone to recreate. Seriously, ya’ll should know by now that I don’t cook unless it’s easy. 

I’ll stop babbling about how excited I am about this and invite you to click on over to The Tale of Two Kitchens! Come follow us, leave some love, and maybe even a suggestion or two about what recipes you’d like to see us make. 


  1. sounds like a great blog that I will probably follow but you may want to check the grammar in your title (it should be sisters-in-law, not sister-in-laws…2 sisters, 1 law =) )

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