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Today’s #reverb10 prompt:

december 2 {writing}

What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing—and can you eliminate it?

It’s interesting that this is the prompt for today, because I’ve been thinking about writing a lot lately. Yes, I still write daily, but I miss compiling an actual article. I miss writing about a specific person and sharing their story. 

When I worked the magazine, I would easily write a dozen pieces just for one issue. I loved nothing more than sitting down with someone at a coffee shop, having them tell me their tale one detail at a time, and then going back to my laptop—this laptop—to turn their story into something people would enjoy reading. I miss writing about restaurants and talking to chefs about things their regular customers never knew, and discovering fun and unique things about their business. I even miss writing about products. I used to have a blast picking a category (e.g. funky, new cooking gadgets) and then finding items and featuring them.

These days, the only thing this computer does is help me write blogs, click refresh on Twitter, see which friends update their Facebook statuses, occasionally write a wedding-related post for a blog I write for, and compile events for my other magazine. But I miss writing. 

So what am I doing that’s not contributing to my writing? I’m not getting out there to find work. I had a great, cushy job where I knew my audience, and nine times out of 10, the ideas I pitched would get published. It’s a terrifying idea to have to start over from scratch. I also feel limited with where I’m living right now…

What this all really boils down to is fear. It comes down to my hesitation to start over and look for a new home for my writing. I have several story ideas, but a local publication isn’t really ideal for them, so maybe I need to stop thinking about it and actually get out there to find an outlet where they would fit.  

What do I do each day that doesn’t contribute to my writing—and can I eliminate it? I need to stop being passive; I need to get out there, even if it means taking a leap of faith and getting rejected.


  1. Irony: I do work for a magazine, and I write all the time. I think the one thing I struggle with? Is writing short and concise snippets for our "Chowder" section. Who knew getting the information out was going to be so difficult when you have 25 words to work with?!

    PS: If you really want to get out there? My favorite thing to do is grab a camera and just go sit in the city somewhere. Somewhere, there will be a fascinating person. I like to call it "on-the-spot" reporting. 🙂

    Good luck, fellow journalist!

  2. You should get out there! You're posts are so fun to read. Besides, rejection isn't necessarily a cause for disappointment, it's a chance to learn and figure out what to do better for next time 🙂

  3. Ohhh I feel the same way! Fear can totally overcome me when it comes to chasing after what I want. I too want to ramp up my writing (on a professional level now), and I am constantly reworking my profile, my resume, etc…it is never good enough…and I am too scared to send it out until it is flawless. What a dumb viewpoint! I should be getting out there and at least TRYING, instead of hiding in the shadows like I have…

  4. Those leaps of faith can be tough, but you're a great writer! I loved reading your stuff in the magazine. (It's more fun reading stuff from people you know)

    I hope you find something soon!

  5. I agree with Jo Jo – you are a great writer! Have you ever heard of "Notes from the Universe?" They are what helped me finally bite the bullet and take that leap of faith.

    They are little reminders that pop into your inbox a few times a week to remind you how great a capable you are!

    Keep us posted!

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