Together at Last: A Special {Secret} Toast

This post is part of my wedding recap series. Missed something and want to catch up? Click here for links to past “Together at Last” posts. 

(I just realized that today marks 11 months since my wedding day. One month from today my husband and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary, and it’s my goal to finish my recaps by February 20. I hope you’re enjoying them!) 

After we finished with all of the pre-wedding pictures I found myself following my aunt, mom, and sister-in-law to a corner outside the chapel. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was about to happen. But before I get to that, let’s flash back to when my brother and sister-in-law got married…

The girls were all getting ready in a room when my aunt appeared with mini Dixie cups. It took a split second for me to recognize what was happening next…we were pre-gaming before my brother’s wedding! Not only did she bring my mom and I a shot, but it was a shot of Bailey’s—my favorite.  

Let me tell you, there’s nothing like enjoying a delicious shot right before a wedding! 

Which brings me back to my wedding. Once we were hidden, my aunt busted out her stash of Bailey’s:

With the way everyone is looking at me in this next picture, I’m guessing someone said something heartfelt and perfect for the moment. Either that or I jumped up and down in excitement.

Yup, I was pretty darn excited! Not only was I getting Bailey’s, but in a matter of minutes I was getting MARRIED! Cheers 🙂

Oooooooh yeah. That stuff is gooooood!

My aunt had enough for two more shots. One for me and one for my mom:

Up next…It’s Almost Time! 
*photos (except top two) courtesy of Kim Jackson Photography


  1. Love, love, love (love love love) this idea!!! We could have used a shot or two of Bailey's before my wedding 😉 Love your pictures!

  2. Love it! A shot (or two) is definitely a requirement before a wedding. Everyone did a shot of tequila before mine, EXCEPT me, I was still getting ready! 🙂

  3. We did shots of tequila before our wedding…and there is no telling what Josh and the groomsmen were doing…as they were all falling down the entire ceremony. Um….at least we were in a Catholic church?

  4. This was such an AWESOME moment. You had that ridiculously big grin, that you had had all day, and it was just so much fun. Thank you for letting me be involved Jess. You were such a beautiful bride 🙂

  5. I love your style…I could have used a shot…or champagne…or something…before the ceremony! Why didn't anyone give me any!?!?!

    Also – this is totally random but at first glance in the first photo you posted, I totally thought you were clutching a knife in your hand! Crazy Katie, dreaming up stuff…

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