A Belated Valentine’s Gift

This time last year I was a single lady preparing to walk down the aisle in a matter of days. Emotions were running high, and it had been weeks since I last saw my groom. We discussed the fact that we weren’t going to get each other anything for Valentine’s Day, but silly me thought we were just saying we weren’t going to get each other something, when in reality we really were. I learned my first lesson in marriage before we even tied the knot: Always say exactly what you mean. Don’t drop hint and don’t expect a hint to magically become reality.

Naive me felt horrible for not getting my betrothed something for Valentine’s Day, so on Saturday the 13th I whipped up a couple dozen cookies, found the last pair of “I’m Too Sexy” boxers on the shelf at Walgreens, packaged it all up and got it on the last shipment out for the day. I still don’t know how it happened, but I actually managed to have the package leave New Mexico and arrive in Georgia on the same day. 

And then I waited. I just knew he was going to get me something even though he said he didn’t have any plans. This is the man who routinely makes hearts in pie crusts, has flowers delivered randomly, and calls me every disgustingly cute pet name imaginable. He was going to get me, his wife-to-be-in-less-than-a-week a Valentine’s Day gift, right? 

I waited patiently for something to arrive at my door when Sunday, February 14, rolled around. I received a phone call from him, but that was about all. He must have sensed my disappointment (I may have cried a little—don’t blame me, like I said, my emotions were running high six days before my wedding!), because the next day I got a package in the mail. 

My future husband sent me—without a card or any type of affectionate note—a tiny plant. A plant that I would have to grow myself. Awesome. Some girls get flowers or chocolate, jewelry, or cards. Me? I get a plant. I may have cried a little when I saw it. 

I didn’t know what to do with said plant, so I let it sit in its package until I found a good time to deal with it. Well, low-and-behold, it’s been sitting in it’s package until today when I finally opened it up and decided to give it life.

If I wasn’t so selfish and emotional a year ago, I would’ve noticed that this plant is actually rather cute. And when it grows—oh, how I hope it’ll grow—the little bean will actually sprout and say, “I Love You” on it. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

So for now this little bud will sit near a window where I’ll give it some extra love and hope it will grow. In a way, I’m happy I didn’t toss it or “accidentally” leave it at home when I packed up and moved to Georgia, because now I get to give it a second chance. 


  1. I love this post! It's so true how you have to be very specific about clarifying your wants & needs, especially to a guy! I have learned that lesson very hard in the past few months with someone in particular who lives in a very literal world! But I love that plant – how adorable. And I'm so pleased that you saved it so you can see it sprout now, and also so you can share it with us 🙂 And I really don't think you were emotional & selfish last year – some of us just like the little gestures on these traditional days, even when we're loved every other day of the year too. I've some to realize for me, that it's not so much that I need to be shown effort on that day to feel important – but rather that it's the other way around – the lack of a small gesture on the day leaves me feeling unimportant. Can't wait to see the s[routing anyway!

  2. Haha, this is too funny because my brothers girlfriend (of about six months!) told him she was the "Valentine's Day Scrooge" and that he shouldn't do anything for it! When he told me that on the morning of, I said "get out there, I promise you she doesn't mean it." I still dont' know if she did or not, but I'm pretty sure the gorgeous dozen pink roses he gave to her didn't hurt either. 🙂

    I love the little bean and I hope you post pictures when it grows!

  3. This is the first year, in almost 10 years of being married, that Daniel has gotten me a gift. Last year he bought me flowers but other than that. . . Nada. 🙂

    This way of Daniel's was a little tough for this romantic heart of mine to handle – my Dad always gave me and my mom flowers and a gift while I was growing up – but he is such a love to me and buys me flowers often for no reason at all, that I haven't been able to be upset with him. Much. 🙂

    I hope this year's Valentine's day celebration made up for last years!!

  4. I have definitely fallen prey to that! We never get each other presents anymore (we're living so paycheck to paycheck) but around the holidays, when we're scrimping to get other people presents, I get really sad!

    I think that plant is actually cute! You'll have to update us on how it grows.

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