Blogiversary Extravaganza Part Two!

I’m continuing on with the blogiversary extravaganza by offering someone two very exciting things. (You entered yesterday’s giveaway, right?) I debated doing this one, because I’m stingy and like to keep good things to myself, but I also feel the need to share my excitement with others.

Every month I get a magazine in the mail that makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing to open it and read it the second I get it. This month’s issue was no exception. I literally giggled out loud when I saw that this month’s issue is all about Italian food. Seriously, with an upcoming move to Italy (hopefully), this issue couldn’t have landed in my mailbox at a better time.
The Food Network Magazine is jam-packed with tips, tricks, gadgets, mouth-watering photos, easy-to-follow recipes, and lip-smacking deliciousness on every single page. I love absolutely everything about this magazine, except when I flip to the last page, because that means I have to wait a whole month before the next issue arrives. 

So here’s my gift to you…I’m giving one person a year’s subscription to the Food Network Magazine for free.

But wait! That’s not all! Just by entering, you’re also going to win this….

This, my friends, is one of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets. Sure, it looks like a small, blue silicone tube, but what it does is pure magic. 

Garlic lovers, read this carefully: you don’t just want this in your life, you need it in your life. This little tube peels garlic in a matter of seconds. No more sticky, garlicky fingers. No more smashing it with a knife (although, that’s a lot of fun sometimes). All you do is put the garlic in the tube, roll it with a little pressure, and BAM! Peeled garlic. Don’t believe me? Here’s a video I found of how it works:

Pretty spiffy, right? Right. Now for the rules…

All entries require a separate comment.

Up to two entries.  

*please leave an email address for me to contact you if you win!*

To Enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me about the best meal you ever ate.

2. Tweet the following: I’m entered to win a Food Network Magazine subscription thanks to @jesstagirl’s blogiversary extravaganza!  Then, come back here and tell me you tweeted (with your twitter username!)

Giveaway will close this Saturday, February 12, at 10 pm EST. I will announce a winner on February 13th. 

*If you already have a subscription and you win, I’m happy to gift this to you as a renewal. Or you can give me someone else’s name and address and I’ll gift it to them from you.

Also, I’m sponsoring this giveaway. I’m paying for it. I’m ordering it. Food Network Magazine doesn’t even know who I am. Yet.


  1. What a great giveaway. My best meal was recently at the Security Forces annual Christmas party on base. They had the most delicious tortellini in pana or it's like a cream sauce with ham..My word it was fabulous..I am still taste testing various restraunts around Aviano looking for the best tortellini in cream! lol

    The pasta here is just fantabulous!

  2. The first year hubby and I were together we couldn't imagine spending Thanksgiving apart so we invited both of our families up to celebrate with us (12 people in all). It was the most delicious turkey I've ever tasted and it showed us how much we really meant to each other!

  3. The best meal I've had was here in Italy a few weeks ago. I had lasagne that was TO DIE FOR! I'm not sure what kind of lasagne it was, but I know for sure it wasn't ragu sauce.

  4. The best meal I ever ate was at a trattoria in Florence, IT. You guys will LOVE the food in Italy!

    Also, this is such an awesome giveaway–why have i not heard of this kitchen gadget before!

  5. The best meal I ever ate was for my 30th birthday. My parents have Maryland Crabs delivered to our house in CA. My dad made his famous lemon martinis and one of my favorite salads. It was awesome 🙂

  6. The best meal(s) I ever ate were on our honeymoon. We went to a small resort in Mexico during the swine flu outbreak…this meant we were 2 of 8 total guests that week. It was like having a personal chef/private restaurant for the week. Literally everything was the "best ever"!

  7. It's hard to choose just one meal! Our anniversary last year was pretty awesome, though. We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and I had veal, it was fantastic!

  8. No more sticky garlic fingers?!?!?! I NEED this item!

    The best meal I ever ate was actucally just a ham sandwich. We were snowmobiling in Montana and I was cold and HUNGRY! I think anything would have tasted good at that time but it was seriously the best sandwich I had ever had.

    I don't have a twitter account… am I still entered to win?

  9. Oh goodness. Just one?! I think I would have to say it was at the little seafood restaurant we ate at on the beach on our honeymoon. Good food, good wine, great company. =)

  10. I think the best meal I ever ate was in Italy! I had the most delicious lasagna ever…I still haven't been able to replicate their method! You must eat this when you get to Italy. 🙂

  11. Not sure if it was the BEST meal I ever ate, but one of the best experiences. While on vacation in Hokkaido, Japan we had dinner at this steak place. It was the authentic crazy fire grill where they cook your meat and veggies in front of you. The meat was delicious and the atmosphere was relaxing and fun. Definitely worth the over $100 bill.

  12. I like to think that every meal I eat is the best one I've ever eaten. However, I made this green chile pork tenderloin recently that was seriously the best thing I've ever eaten!! I can't wait to share the recipe. Oh…and pick me!!!

  13. That garlic thingamajig looks like something magical. I need it.

    Oh, sorry, my most favorite meal was a lobster grilled cheese sandwhich. I don't know if a sandwhich counts as a meal, but it was heavenly.

  14. The best meal I have ever eaten is from a restaurant in Roanoke, TX called Babe's. They have THE BEST chicken friend steak, biscuits, corn and mashed potatoes. I LOVE this place.

    Kperry0808 at aol dot com

  15. The best meal I ever ate was at the Melting Pot. It was 4 hours of heavenly deliciousness (is that a word?) and I was in great company ; ) I love being able to just enjoy a meal for a loooong time!!!

  16. The best meal I ever had was an amazing chicken parm at a hole in the wall restaurant in Chicago, I couldn't even tell you the name of the place. But it was absolutely amazing.

    E-mail bethecrown at gmail dot com.

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