Together at Last: Little Ones Steal the Show

Before I get started on the next recap, I just wanted to thank you for your excitement with our upcoming move. There will be lots of talk about Italy in the future and how I feel—I mean really feel—about moving there. It’s about to get real on this blog 🙂 Don’t worry, it’s mostly good stuff, but I’m not going to hide my feelings about how hard it’ll be to move. 

I also wanted to give you a heads up that I’m going to double post on some days; I really want to get through these wedding recaps, but I have some other posts I really want to publish, too. So if you don’t want to read something, just skip it! But with that said, don’t skip this post, because it’s absolutely, positively adorable. Just sayin’. 

This post is part of my wedding recap series. Missed something and want to catch up? Click here for links to past “Together at Last” posts!

After the “grown ups” took their place for the ceremony it was time for the little humans to make their way to their spot. During our rehearsal the night before this part of the procession went off without a hitch. In fact, I think both girls even held hands and skipped down the aisle together. But did they do that on the day of? Not so much. Did I care? Not one little bit! 
I also want mention that every single person I cared about (with the exception of those who couldn’t make it) were behind those closed doors. I was freezing. I was squatting, again (that makes three times if you’re keeping count), and I was wondering why everyone was laughing.  I experienced the following from outside the chapel. They were laughing so loud I thought the doors were going to spring open. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to see these pictures. Okay, enough of me blabbering…take a look at the series of events with our lovely flower girls: 
I love how seriously they’re plotting out their course of action. 
It looks like Kailee has her own set of plans as far as her flower girl duties go…
Seriously. How ridiculously cute was that? It was so cute that people are still talking about it! LOVE! 
After the little girls stole the show, it was the ring bearers opportunity to turn some heads. We got him a blue “be mine” pillow. It didn’t match our pink and brown theme, but I figured he needed a manlier color to carry with him.

But the thing with Elijah was that he just learned how to walk, and we needed a way to lure him towards the front of the chapel—much easier said than done with a toddler. Unless you’re a genius and offer him a cookie! 

 Our plan worked like a charm. 

And the second he did his job, he went on his little merry way back to his mom! 

I told you we picked the most adorable kids to be part of our wedding! 

Up Next: A Walk to Remember
*photos courtesy of Kim Jackson Photography


  1. Adorable photos! And I too am excited for you about your Italy move – how fabulous!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all continues to go according to plan.

  2. Jess!! This just made me laugh all over again! And it just reminded me of what a special day this was!!! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of it!! We miss you guys soooo much!

  3. Aww, precious! Our ring bearer was my nephew and his momma was one of my MOHs. He was NOT happy when he got to the end of the aisle and had to go sit down and didn't get to go up the stairs to his mom – ha. He threw a bit of a fit, but looking back it was pretty amusing!

  4. Ohhh my gosh – hilarious! I love how the one flower girl just dumped all the petals on the floor…too funny!!! And the cookie lure was definitely smart…what a cutie pie little guy too!

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