Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I don’t know where that title came from, because I can’t remember the last time I had chicken. If I was being honest, it should say “Winner Winner Pasta Dinner.” Seriously, who comes up with these weird phrases?

Okay, enough of me babbling on…I’m here to announce the winners of the giveaways! But I’m switching things up a bit and instead of using—a favorite way to pick winners amongst bloggers—I made a video.

Are you the winner? Watch this to find out 🙂

I’ll contact the winners this afternoon/evening for their contact info. Thanks for entering, everyone! And a huge thank you to my husband. He started coming down with a cold yesterday, so I appreciate him helping me.


  1. Sad I didn't win but so happy that Kenny and Bella were in it. They kind of made up for not winning.

    Namely, their cute little faces in the background.

  2. Oh yayyyy!!! I wasn't expecting to win, I had already started writing a comment about how I love your sidekicks!! Happy Blogiversary again! Everything I know about blogs I know from you! : )

  3. Bahahaha oh my word I have to admit that I was totally focusing on Kenny and Bella most of the time. But I love the idea of making a vlog to announce the winners, instead of just letting people read through the post!

  4. Awww yay!!!! How awesome I won! So saving the cupcake mix to make for my husband when he he's here in the USA in 3 weeks! Thanks so much Jess! And how neat your middle name is Lynn too. Love your video! 🙂

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