Bella and Her Couch

I know how much you all love Bella, so I’m sharing some photos are that are completely overdue. I meant to share these over the Thanksgiving holiday, but because of the military’s unforeseen crappy timing, I completely forgot about it. But lucky for you, I hung on to the photos.

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, UPS dropped a huge package off in front of our door. Perplexed, I opened it right away and discovered that my husband’s parents sent our sweet pup a gift.

They must know Bella well, because they sent her the most wonderful looking couch. Yes, a couch. A couch that looks so comfortable I’ve been tempted to snuggle up in it and take a nap. (That scenario has yet to happen.)

It took all of five minutes to coax Bella into her new couch. I don’t know about your dog, but our puppy is a bonifide snugglebug and when she’s not running around outside, she’s inside taking a nap. Needless to say, she absolutely loves her couch, and we love it because that means she’s not getting our couch messy with her hair! 

My in-laws even went one step further and had the couch come complete with a bone-shaped pillow with her name on it! Seriously, too cute. But you know what isn’t cute? Waking Bella up from her dognap…this is the look we usually get when we attempt such a thing: 

Don’t mess with a dog and her couch 🙂


  1. Awww! I'd love to get a little couch for our dogs but our crazy Pica really likes to fluff them up…to the point that the fabric is ripped and stuffing is coming out :p

  2. I'm sorry but that "just woken up and I don't like it" face is STILL super cute! That couch looks amazingly comfortable. With a big warm pup to give it that extra something. I'll take a nap with Bella on that couch any day!

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