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*I’m blatantly stealing this (with complete permission) from Sarah over at G.I. Joe’s Wife. I’ve made a few edits, but instead completely rewriting a great post, I’m copied and pasted this for you!

Have you ever left a comment on a blog and wondered why you never got an answer or reply? I wondered the same thing when I started blogging. People were getting emails and responses and having conversations, and I wasn’t getting any! Sad face. It turns out  I didn’t have my reply-to email set correctly. When your reply-to email isn’t set and I try writing you back, this is what I see (all of my comments go directly to my email): 

GI Jane noreply-comment@blogger.com
This gives me a major sad face. *salutes Major Sad Face* (If you watch How I Met Your Mother, this will make sense and you’ll probably be laughing right now.) So you may be asking…

How do I fix this? 
Step 1: Log into Blogger. On your dashboard, this is what you should see:
See the big pink arrow pointing to “Edit Profile?” 
That’s where you need to click!
Step 2: On the Edit Profile page, scroll down until you see this:
If you haven’t set your email address, this box will probably be blank. 
All you have to do is type your address in there! 
Step 3: Save! Scroll down to the very bottom of the page. 
Click that little button and you’re done!

See, now wasn’t that easy?! The next time you leave me (or anyone else) a comment, I can reply via email instead of tracking you down and leaving a random comment on your blog or just ignoring your comment altogether.  
Easy peasy, right? 
Fair warning: I don’t have time to email everyone who comments on my posts, but I do read every single one and I occassionly like to shoot a quick email in response to something you say. I hope this helps 🙂 


  1. With how often this type of post has gone around you would think people would get it by now. LOL! And the captcha phrase! Turn it off people!!

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