Happy Pi(e) Week!

Do you know what today is? If you need a clue, take a look the time stamp down at the bottom of this post. Today is March 14, and this post went live at 1:59 am. If we have any geeks out in the audience, you’d know that today is “Pi Day” 3.14159!

Since we like to have fun and have themed “weekly” meals every once in awhile (Pizza Week anyone?), and because we have a huge thing for the delicious food known as pie, we decided to make this Pi(e) WEEK! That’s right, I’ll be posting different types of “pie” all week long. And keep an eye out for lovely pie recipes over at The Tale of Two Kitchens!

Because today is officially Pi Day, and because my husband and I really, really, really love pie, here are two of our favorite pies.

Apple pie used to be my favorite type of pie—bar none. If I ever opted for dessert it was because apple pie was on the menu. But nothing beats a homemade pie, especially one that’s made with a little booze 🙂 Yup, the crust we use is made with whiskey. 

See what we did here? We tried to make it look like an apple computer with an apple cut out of the middle. Only when he laid out the top crust it got twisted a bit. Whoops. It still tasted delicious!
Crust: Alton Brown. Filling: All Recipes

If you caught my phrasing up there, you’d notice I said apple pie “used” to be my favorite type of pie. It used to be my favorite until I tried blueberry pie. This pie is so delicious it’s dangerous; I eat way too much of it when it’s in our house. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and the little blueberries sort of pop when you take a bite. Top all of that with the flakey crust, and you have yourself a perfect pie. Needless to say, I’m ridiculously happy blueberries are almost in season.

Crust: Alton Brown – – Filling: Better Homes and Gardens

Are you celebrating Pi day? What’s your favorite pie?


  1. I love it when you guys do theme weeks, I think it's so cute and looks like such fun!

    Pumpkin pie (my Grandma's) will always be my favorite, but her coconut cream pie is a close second.

  2. Pi Day! I totally forgot until I read your blog. How could I forget such a marvelous day? And it's an awesome excuse to make a delicious pie 🙂

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