#OperationLayla: Bake Sale!

Last week I posted about my friend Layla and received really amazing feedback from it, and even a few email regarding what they can do to help. What blows my mind about this entire ordeal is not that we raised more than $4,000 in less than 48 hours (pretty amazing, right?), but how everyone banded together to help someone in need. I know now that, without a doubt, if I needed something, you guys would be there for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known that all along and that’s why I continue to blog and share my ups and downs with you, but to phsycally help someone in need? That’s huge! 

But we’re not finished yet. Although Layla’s surgery will now be paid for (I still can’t get over how cool that is!), there are still more costs associated with the procedure. Like I said, we never even imagined we would raise 4k, so at the time we weren’t thinking this far ahead. 

Today we are holding a virtual bake sale to raise money for the rest of the costs, and this is what your money go towards if you bid on some baked goods:  

  • pre- and post-op doctors’ visits
  • biopsy costs to check the tissue
  • pain medications for after surgery
  • diagnostics and other tests that will need to be run

There are more than three dozen baked goods being auctioned off right now, and they all look and sound pretty darn delicious. I’d post pictures and rattle off the names of the treats, but you can just go look for yourself: #OperationLayla: Bake Sale! 

Actually, as a shameless plug, my Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies and my sister-in-laws delectable Cake Balls are up for grabs (if you’re friends with me in real life and went to my bridal shower, you may remember those cake balls.)!


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