Pondering the Move

Six months from now we’re moving to Italy. I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that this is still happening, while also trying to cross things my ever-growing to-do list all at once. It’s funny, I thought I had so much to plan for our wedding, but nothing compares to moving overseas. 

Bella was checking out our new luggage.

We’re still waiting on our R.I.P. (not “rest in peace;” it means “reporting instructions and procedures,” and it’s the first part of the “official” paperwork), but there’s so much already in motion that we’re going full-steam ahead with our plans. My husband will have to cross train for his new job, and not only is he already in the system for training, but we already know when and where that’s happening: next month, for six weeks, across the country. He’ll be in Arizona, which is fantastic since it’s so close to New Mexico and that’s where our family is. But there’s one small glitch…we have a house to sell here in Georgia, and everyone we talk to says our house should have been on the market about two months ago, so we have some work to do over here. 

Right now, our focus is on getting our house spic-and-span, so we can find it some new owners. I’d be lying if I said I’m not completely stressed and overwhelmed by the thought of this. For one, I love our house and I’m completely attached to it, then again, who wouldn’t love having a double oven in a gigantic kitchen, a whirlpool bathtub to relax in all the time, ample yard space for your dog or kids to run around in, and a walk-in closet. (Am I selling this to you yet? Do you live in Georgia and want to buy our house? Get in touch with me; let’s talk!) And second, the thought of moving all of our stuff out and into TLF (temporary living facility on base) or into an apartment just annoys me. (Moving out just to move again? That’s so much work!) There’s so many unknowns when it comes to selling a house that it makes it very difficult to plan things accordingly. 

I know moving is inevitable, but making “garage sale,” “storage,” and “take-with-us” piles is so depressing, especially when our “to-sell” pile is starting to fill up an entire room. We’re hoping to sell the majority of our appliances; since the voltage is different in Italy; In the long run, it’ll just be easier to buy new clocks, coffee makers, and curling irons out there. This is all just “stuff” and our material things really don’t matter, but still, it’s difficult to get rid of our things.

I know how completely selfish and what a baby I’m being about this. People move overseas all the time, and I absolutely know how fortunate we are to be moving to such an amazing place. But dang-it, it’s hard! I just need a few days to wrap my head around what’s happening (we just met with our Realtor a couple days ago, so this is all fresh and new to me).

So there you have it, thoughts from a newlywed experiencing her first PCS. Expect more whining and venting in the future, but also know that I do love traveling and experiencing new places, so this phase isn’t permanent. Before I finish this (novel of a) post, I want to share some encouragement I received from a couple of my Twitter friends. They really help put things back into perspective for me:

🙂 I suspect that once you get to Italy, you won’t mind letting that house go at all. 🙂 (@ohdearitsLayla)

Sometimes it can be hard, but close your eyes and leap! You have an awesome partner (in crime) to adventure with and oh so lucky ()

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find someone to come clean our carpets!


  1. Don't feel bad about a few complaints. I have to admit that I've lived here two years and sometimes I'm still a big baby. The other day I was thinking about how I miss having lots of room, closet space and a bigger house, but then told myself to shut it since I live in Italy and not everyone gets that chance.

    I'm so excited you're moving here! I just wish you'd moved here a little earlier! At least I know someone I can always come visit. 😉

  2. We just made the big leap last June and moved overseas. It is a HUGE step, so dont feel bad about having some doubts or reservations. It is tough to leave behind your home, your belongings and everything that is familiar. Good call on leaving your appliances. I wish we would have stored more of ours since we bought new (well, used) ones when we got here. Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Lol, what is it with animals sitting in luggage? They love doing that!

    I know it's daunting, but it's so exciting too (well, I'm excited for you – can I live vicariously through you? lol) but you can do it. 🙂

  4. Awwww I love the picture of Bella! So cute!! And seriously, it's totally acceptable to feel overwhelmed about everything! Moving is a pain in itself and selling a house on top of moving overseas is so much more complicated than just moving. It will ALL be worth it though and you have plenty of time to get ready so I have no doubt it will be a smooth 6 months!

    So excited for your new adventure!!!

  5. Love the photo of Bella in the luggage!

    I'm sorry it's so stressful, but I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's your first one. Things will get better and remember, you are going to be living in Italy. The Mediterranean. The rest of Europe just a train ride away. The Renaissance. Rome.

  6. Thank you so much for the shout out beautiful! You are going to enjoy this so much. You two will grow and adventure together and in the end, your life will be so much fuller.

    A helpful hint (hopefully!): When things start to bog you down, find a woman's organization that helps low-income or homeless women get jobs. You can donate some of your business clothes and styling products (blow dryer) knowing that these things will help a woman look the part and get a full time job! Whenever I get bummed about something, I try to find a way I can help others. It gives me perspective and warms my heart to know I can help others!

  7. My best advice is to think of how amazing it's going to be once you get through all the tough parts leading up to Italy. Like you mentioned, it will absolutely be worth it!

    I do hope things go as smooth as possible for you, and that you can get the house sold quickly! Moving is always bittersweet.. even if you're moving on to bigger and better things. But you have your memories and the man you love, and that's what counts. Sending good thoughts your way!

  8. We don't have much stuff to begin with, but don't forget…you can find some large houses over here. Most houses are pretty large because most of them have basements. A lot of people say don't bring this or don't bring that…I say bring it. Just remember there are no closets…that's the worst part in my opinion. Have you looked at houses on AHRN to get an idea of what they look like? Most on there don't count the rooms in the basements as bedrooms or as square feet. Too bad you can't leave your house with a realtor and have them rent it out and take care of it for you. That way one day, when he is out of the USAF and if you want to return there you can. Also, since you would have people living there and paying rent, they'd be paying your mortgage. I know a few people who do this.

  9. Everything will work out in the end and you will have an amazing adventure in Italy! Love the photo, what would we do without out animal companions?

  10. Brittney is right about the AHRN website, we have a house that's 980sq. ft. no including the basement. Get access to that (through your husband) so you can start looking.

    Renting is always a possibility too for your house if you love it that much. Also I bought everything with me (minus the washer, dryer, refrigerator) and I haven't really bought anything that's 220 except for my hair dryer because mine frizzed after a year and a half. Remember you will have transformers when you get here to work that 110v stuff.

    Check out the Aviano.Af.Mil site they are doing some good video's for PCSing. Best of luck Jess you can do it, and when your super duper frustrated in processing here you will look back and think this part was a cinch. 🙂 From what we were told when we got here is that Aviano is the hardest base to in process, I hope for you all that there have been some changes and that you have a great sponsor.

  11. We left all our big appliances with my parents. If your parents have storage, the military will pay to ship it to wherever to put things in storage while you're over here. We left our 50" TV also because we've heard of appliances burning out on transformers. I would definitely leave your stuff in the States if you can since some houses don't have much storage at all and it's hard to find places to shove little appliances than don't work over here.

    And if it makes you feel any better, we waited until pretty much last minute to get our RIP. He got it at the beginning of March and we were in Italy at the end of March.

    PS: There's a good chance you'll be in our squadron if your husband is going to AZ for B-course.

  12. I totally understand the move and selling stressing you out. We have been just "thinking" about selling our condo and it already stresses the crazies out of me. Sigh. hang in there girl and be sure to blog about it!!!!

  13. A huge move indeed, and any move is stressful, let alone a TransAtlantic move. I did 3 of them in a 5 year span, it was hellish! But focus on the end result. It'll be fabulous once you're there!

  14. Hello! new follower here!
    your dog is sooo stinkin cute. moving is so stressful, don't feel bad about voicing your concerns… I've never moved overseas (just cross country) and boy was that an adventure! good luck to you and your hub!

  15. No worries, I think we all feel the same things when it's such a big move.

    We found out we were moving to Japan 3months or so before our move. It took me almost all that time to actually wrap my head around the move. It was overwhelming and I was freaked out about how much was changing. And about how much we had to do for that move. It's such a stressful process, it's hard to remember how exciting it will be once you get settled and how much you have to look forward to when you're buried in paperwork and boxes!

    Hang in there, it will get better! Once you unpack and get settled, you'll block those couple months of hell out of your memories and just love life in ITALY 🙂

  16. We are moving to GA, well..I'm moving to GA, he'll be moving off post :), i would love to come to your garage sale haha…but really, i came across a website the other day that is sort of a Craig's List for the military folk..let me know if you're interested and I'll dig up the link for you.


  17. Just try to BREATH And relax! It's all going to get done. I was stressed out of my mind getting ready to PCS OCONUS…but trust me, it gets done. And everyone [military wise] is so helpful. Can't wait to see photos of your adventures in Italy…so JEALOUS.

  18. I think a regular PCS is stressful, so I can't imagine! You'll get it all done! Hopefully you will sell the house ASAP, even though it will mean moving twice, atleast you won't be stuck with a mortgage from afar?

  19. My husband and I just found out Monday we are PCSing to Germany in June…so I totally know how you are feeling right now. We've got 3 months to figure all this out and I have no idea where to start!! Thankfully, we don't have a house to sell, but still, my mind is going a mile a minute trying to think of all the things we need to get done. The AF has yet to give us our RIP as well. GRR! Good luck to you and your hubby! I'm new to the blogging world (really just putting my blog together now) but I hope we can keep in touch through our crazy Europan adventures!!

  20. Ciao! I stumbled upon your twitter & found your blog… We just moved to Aviano back in January and will be here until 2015! Be sure to get in touch with me, us blogger girls should stick together. 🙂

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