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My mom definitely knows the way to my heart. While I was waiting to catch my plane to Albuquerque, I texted her and suggested that it would be awesome if she brought me something to eat when they picked me up at the airport. She asked what I wanted and I said something spicy, like maybe a taco with good salsa. I landed around 11 pm and before I could even put my luggage in the trunk of the car, my mom and dad greeted me with this: 

Oh, the possibilities of what could be inside that little Styrofoam container from Frontier were endless. Luckily, I knew exactly what would appear when I opened it. She didn’t just get me some dinky, run-of-the-mill taco.

Nope. I got to enjoy some amazing Western-Style Hash Browns that were so hot I could only eat half. (Don’t worry. I ate the other half for breakfast with a juicy egg!) Western-Style Hash Browns are shredded potatoes covered in cheddar cheese and loads of hot green chile. It’s pretty much the most amazing thing ever and I plan on eating it several more times before leaving.

I also plan on drinking many more of these: 

And devouring more of my all-time favorite New Mexican food: cheese enchiladas smothered with red and green chile. 

Above margarita and enchilada plate are from one of my favorite restaurants in town: Papa Felipe’s

I hope you don’t mind seeing a lot of pictures of my favorite foods, because I plan on snapping quick photos before digging into my meals while I’m out here. And just a heads up: you’re not going to see any fancy-shmancy, perfectly-plated dishes. You may eat with your eyes at some restaurants, but in New Mexico, the taste speaks for itself. 


  1. Yummmmmmmm! So mean of you to post those pictures when I'm stuck in GA and nowhere near anything good with green chile… 😉 I still remember the breakfast burritos my dad and I got from the Frontier when we were driving out to Georgia – amazing!

  2. YUM! I've been meaning to blog about my NM trip – thanks so much for all your suggestions – G actually brought Frontier to the airport for me, too!!

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