Royal Wedding: Are You In or Out?

I’m not gonna lie, I’m really, really, really excited for the upcoming royal wedding.

During my stint in England I would always keep an eye out for a William or Harry sighting. (Actually, truth be told, I think Harry is a tad bit better looking than William). Sadly, I never caught a glimpse of anyone royal, but oh well…

Back to the wedding. I’m so excited that I plan on making scones, prepping some tea, and having some friends over at 4 am this Friday so we can watch the celebration—in our pajamas, of course. I think Kate is absolutely gorgeous and has a classic and chic fashion style, so I really can’t wait to see what her dress looks like. I also can’t wait to see all of the fancy hats the guests will wear.

Are you excited for the wedding or over the whole thing already?


  1. I'm super excited! I'm happy I get to watch it at a "normal" time! 🙂 I'll probably end up watching it with my British best friend, and drink some tea as well. 😉

  2. I'm pretty stoked … but with 2 jobs and a 60 hour workweek? I'm really just gonna have to DVR it and watch the wedding a little bit later than 4AM.

  3. Puh-lease. I AM SO PUMPED!!! Can't wait to watch–I think because America doesn't have royals it's really fascinating to me? Can't wait!

  4. I think Harry is cuter too, which is funny b/c everyone thinks my husband looks like Prince William! (Post with pictures coming later this week.) I think I'll watch it, but I'm not sure if I can get up that early!

  5. I am stoked!!! I've been watching TLC all weekend with their royal wedding inside scoop shows! They are the most adorable couple! Kate is such a classy girl. I've got the whole thing ready to be DVRed…but i plan on waking up to watch it, too!

  6. I'm slightly obsessed too. I just love them together, they are adorable, and I find it so interesting – all the traditions, etc. But, I still feel sorta bad for Kate because there are so many things she can't do because it's a royal wedding… like have super cute programs. Did you see the royal programs? Oh man… they need HELP. oh well. Tradition!

    They are getting married on my 25th Birthday. I will be spending the day watching marathons and recaps of their wedding while cleaning tile grout. haha!

  7. I already have it set to record since I'm not sure I can be awake to watch live…but it takes me back to watching Charles & Diana's wedding as a little girl (and thinking her train was insane!). 🙂

  8. I'm excited about it, but not going crazy. No party, no custom printed cupcake toppers (I swear half the blog posts lately are about free printables for a royal wedding party!), and certainly no 4am. I'm just too lazy to get up at 4am right after my finals to watch. But that sure won't stop me from recording it! I really love Kate's style too!

  9. Ha my mom and I are super excited to watch. We have been talking about it all week. I very excited to see the fancy hats and Kate's dress as well. Oh and I used to have a Prince William calendar haha .. My friend gave it too me for like my 14th birthday when we were obsessed with him and would fight over which one of us he was going to marry. LOLZ wow can't believe I typed that out loud? or I mean on cyberspace.

    hehe Excite!

  10. I'm pretty pumped! The last royal wedding I watch was the Prince of Spain's one and that was back in 2003, i think?
    My DVR is set!

  11. I am totally stoked for this wedding! I will be in England Friday, and plan on toasting the wedding while they show it live in Leeds castle.

  12. I am super excited about the wedding also. The only thing is we don't have cable or anything so I'm just gonna have to wait until pictures are posted on the internet. I'm so excited to see her wedding dress I think she has incredible style.

  13. What a cute idea for a party!!! That sounds like fun! I will probably catch up when I get to work and see the dress but that's about all. I'm a little sick of hearing about it nonstop on the news when there are bigger things going on but maybe I'm just a stick in the mud ; )

  14. I'm all about it in a subtle way.. interested but not going overboard 😉 Will most likely Tivo the wedding and watch it later. Kate is just so pretty.. mostly eager to see what she wears!

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